Member Countries of the ADB
Asian Development Bank

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is a regional development bank established in 1966 to promote economic and social development in Asia and the Pacific region. It is headquartered in Manila and has offices in 37 countries around the world.

The ADB has 68 member countries, 49 of which are from the Asia and Pacific region.

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Map of member countries: ADB - Asian Development Bank
Afghanistan196640.10 M653,000 km²
Armenia20052.79 M30,000 km²
Australia196625.69 M7,741,000 km²
Austria19668.96 M84,000 km²
Azerbaijan199910.14 M87,000 km²
Bangladesh1973169.36 M148,000 km²
Belgium196611.59 M31,000 km²
Bhutan19820.78 M38,000 km²
Brunei20060.45 M5,770 km²
Cambodia196616.59 M181,000 km²
Canada196638.25 M9,985,000 km²
China19861,425.67 M9,563,000 km²
Cook Islands19760.01 M242 km²
Denmark19665.86 M43,000 km²
Fiji19700.92 M18,000 km²
Finland19665.54 M338,000 km²
France197067.75 M549,000 km²
Georgia20073.71 M70,000 km²
Germany196683.20 M358,000 km²
Hong Kong19697.41 M1,110 km²
India19661,425.78 M3,287,000 km²
Indonesia1966273.75 M1,914,000 km²
Ireland20065.03 M70,000 km²
Italy196659.11 M301,000 km²
Japan1966125.68 M378,000 km²
Kazakhstan199419.00 M2,725,000 km²
Kiribati19740.13 M810 km²
Kyrgyzstan19946.69 M200,000 km²
Laos19667.43 M237,000 km²
Luxembourg20030.64 M2,590 km²
Malaysia196633.57 M330,000 km²
Maldives19780.52 M300 km²
Marshall Islands19900.04 M181 km²
Micronesia19900.11 M700 km²
Mongolia19913.35 M1,564,000 km²
Myanmar197353.80 M677,000 km²
Nauru19910.01 M21 km²
Nepal196630.03 M147,000 km²
Netherlands196617.53 M42,000 km²
New Zealand19665.12 M268,000 km²
Niue20190.00 M261 km²
Norway19665.41 M385,000 km²
Pakistan1966231.40 M796,000 km²
Palau20030.02 M460 km²
Papua New Guinea19719.95 M463,000 km²
Philippines1966113.88 M300,000 km²
Portugal200210.33 M92,000 km²
Samoa19660.22 M2,840 km²
Singapore19665.45 M719 km²
Solomon Islands19730.71 M29,000 km²
South Korea196651.74 M100,000 km²
Spain198647.42 M506,000 km²
Sri Lanka196622.16 M66,000 km²
Sweden196610.42 M447,000 km²
Switzerland19678.70 M41,000 km²
Taiwan196623.58 M36,000 km²
Tajikistan19989.75 M141,000 km²
Thailand196671.60 M513,000 km²
Timor-Leste20021.32 M15,000 km²
Tonga19720.11 M750 km²
Turkey199184.78 M785,000 km²
Turkmenistan20006.34 M488,000 km²
Tuvalu19930.01 M26 km²
United Kingdom196667.33 M244,000 km²
United States1966331.89 M9,832,000 km²
Uzbekistan199534.92 M447,000 km²
Vanuatu19810.32 M12,000 km²
Vietnam196697.47 M331,000 km²

Areas of Responsibility

ADB provides financial and technical assistance to its member countries to help them achieve sustainable and inclusive economic growth, reduce poverty, and improve the living standards of their citizens. The majority of funding comes from ADB's member countries, with Japan and the United States contributing the largest shares. Other key members include Australia, China, India, and South Korea.

ADB offers a range of financial products and services to its member countries, including loans, grants, technical assistance, and policy advice. It supports a wide range of sectors, including infrastructure development, energy, education, health, agriculture, and finance. In recent years, ADB has placed increasing emphasis on promoting environmental sustainability and addressing climate change in its development programs.

Structure and administration

ADB has a decentralized structure with a network of country offices and regional departments that work closely with governments, development partners, and civil society organizations to design and implement development projects. It also works with other multilateral development banks and international organizations to leverage resources and share knowledge and best practices.

Dependent territories

Some of the above-mentioned member states have other external territories dependent on them. These are not independent states, but they do have some economic and political autonomy. The ADB treaties apply to them at least in part. These countries are not listed as official member states.

ÅlandNorthern EuropeTerritory of Finland
American SamoaPolynesiaSelf-governing territory of the USA
AnguillaCaribbeanSelf-governing territory of the United Kingdom
ArubaCaribbeanTerritory of the Netherlands Kingdom
BermudaNorth AmericaSelf-governing territory of the United Kingdom
Bouvet IslandSouth AmericaTerritory of Norway
British Indian Ocean TerritoryEastern AfricaTerritory of the United Kingdom
British Virgin IslandsCaribbeanSelf-governing territory of the United Kingdom
Caribbean NetherlandsCaribbeanTerritory of the Netherlands
Cayman IslandsCaribbeanSelf-governing territory of the United Kingdom
Christmas IslandAustralia/New ZealandNon-self-governing territory of Australia
Cocos IslandsAustralia/New ZealandNon-self-governing territory of Australia
Falkland IslandsSouth AmericaSelf-governing territory of the United Kingdom
Faroe IslandsNorthern EuropeTerritory of the Danish Kingdom
French Antarctic LandsAntarcticaTerritory of France
French GuianaSouth AmericaTerritory of France
French PolynesiaPolynesiaTerritory of France
GibraltarSouthern EuropeSelf-governing territory of the United Kingdom
GreenlandNorth AmericaTerritory of the Danish Kingdom
GuadeloupeCaribbeanTerritory of France
GuamMicronesiaSelf-governing unincorporated territory of the United States
GuernseyNorthern EuropeAutonomous Crown Dependency of the United Kingdom
Heard and McDonaldAustralia/New ZealandTerritory of Australia
Isle of ManNorthern EuropeAutonomous Crown Dependency of the United Kingdom
JerseyNorthern EuropeAutonomous Crown Dependency of the United Kingdom
MacaoEast AsiaSpecial administrative region of China
MartiniqueCaribbeanTerritory of France
MayotteEastern AfricaTerritory of France
MontserratCaribbeanSelf-governing territory of the United Kingdom
New CaledoniaMelanesiaTerritory of France
Norfolk IslandAustralia/New ZealandTerritory of Australia
Northern MarianasMicronesiaTerritory of the United States
Outlying IslandsMicronesiaTerritory of the United States
Pitcairn IslandsPolynesiaBritish overseas territory
Puerto RicoCaribbeanUnincorporated territory of the US
ReunionEastern AfricaTerritory of France
Saint BarthelemyCaribbeanTerritory of France
Saint HelenaWestern AfricaLimited self-governing territory of the United Kingdom
Saint MartinCaribbeanAutonomous territory of the Netherlands Kingdom
Saint Pierre and MiquelonNorth AmericaTerritory of France
South GeorgiaSouth AmericaTerritory of the United Kingdom
St. MartinCaribbeanTerritory of France
SvalbardNorthern EuropeTerritory of Norway
TokelauPolynesiaTerritory of New Zealand
Turks and Caicos IslandsCaribbeanSelf-governing territory of the United Kingdom
Virgin IslandsCaribbeanSelf-governing territory of the USA
Wallis and FutunaPolynesiaTerritory of France