Member states of the ADB - Asian Development Bank

The ADB is an alliance of states of currently 67 countries from almost all regions worldwide.

All member states comprise a total area of 58.14 million km² and about 5.10 billion people. This is 38.6% of the habitable area around the world and 66% of the world population. With an economic output of 71,807.48 trillion US dollars annually, they represent around 82 percent of the global economy.
Afghanistan1966South Asia653,000 km²38.04 M
Armenia2005Western Asia30,000 km²2.96 M
Australia1966Australia/New Zealand7,741,000 km²25.36 M
Austria1966Western Europe84,000 km²8.88 M
Azerbaijan1999Western Asia87,000 km²10.02 M
Bangladesh1973South Asia148,000 km²163.05 M
Belgium1966Western Europe31,000 km²11.48 M
Bhutan1982South Asia38,000 km²0.76 M
Brunei2006Southeast Asia5,770 km²0.43 M
Burma1973Southeast Asia677,000 km²54.05 M
Cambodia1966Southeast Asia181,000 km²16.49 M
Canada1966North America9,985,000 km²37.59 M
China1986East Asia9,563,000 km²1,397.72 M
Cook Islands1976Polynesia236 km²0.01 M
Denmark1966Northern Europe43,000 km²5.82 M
East Timor2002Southeast Asia15,000 km²1.29 M
Federated States of Micronesia1990Micronesia700 km²0.11 M
Fiji1970Melanesia18,000 km²0.89 M
Finland1966Northern Europe338,000 km²5.52 M
France1970Western Europe549,000 km²67.06 M
Georgia2007Western Asia70,000 km²3.72 M
Germany1966Western Europe358,000 km²83.13 M
Hong Kong1969East Asia1,110 km²7.51 M
India1966South Asia3,287,000 km²1,366.42 M
Indonesia1966Southeast Asia1,914,000 km²270.63 M
Ireland2006British Isles70,000 km²4.94 M
Italy1966Southern Europe301,000 km²60.30 M
Japan1966East Asia378,000 km²126.26 M
Kazakhstan1994Central Asia2,725,000 km²18.51 M
Kiribati1974Micronesia810 km²0.12 M
Kyrgyzstan1994Central Asia200,000 km²6.46 M
Laos1966Southeast Asia237,000 km²7.17 M
Luxembourg2003Western Europe2,590 km²0.62 M
Malaysia1966Southeast Asia330,000 km²31.95 M
Maldives1978South Asia300 km²0.53 M
Marshall Islands1990Micronesia180 km²0.06 M
Mongolia1991East Asia1,564,000 km²3.23 M
Nauru1991Micronesia20 km²0.01 M
Nepal1966South Asia147,000 km²28.61 M
Netherlands1966Western Europe42,000 km²17.33 M
New Zealand1966Australia/New Zealand268,000 km²4.92 M
Norway1966Northern Europe385,000 km²5.35 M
Pakistan1966South Asia796,000 km²216.57 M
Palau2003Micronesia460 km²0.02 M
Papua New Guinea1971Melanesia463,000 km²8.78 M
Philippines1966Southeast Asia300,000 km²108.12 M
Portugal2002Southern Europe92,000 km²10.27 M
Samoa1966Polynesia2,840 km²0.20 M
Singapore1966Southeast Asia719 km²5.70 M
Solomon Islands1973Melanesia29,000 km²0.67 M
South Korea1966East Asia100,000 km²51.71 M
Spain1986Southern Europe506,000 km²47.08 M
Sri Lanka1966South Asia66,000 km²21.80 M
Sweden1966Northern Europe447,000 km²10.29 M
Switzerland1967Western Europe41,000 km²8.57 M
Taiwan1966East Asia36,000 km²23.60 M
Tajikistan1998Central Asia141,000 km²9.32 M
Thailand1966Southeast Asia513,000 km²69.63 M
Tonga1972Polynesia750 km²0.10 M
Turkey1991Western Asia785,000 km²83.43 M
Turkmenistan2000Central Asia488,000 km²5.94 M
Tuvalu1993Polynesia30 km²0.01 M
United Kingdom1966British Isles244,000 km²66.83 M
United States1966North America9,832,000 km²328.24 M
Uzbekistan1995Central Asia447,000 km²33.58 M
Vanuatu1981Melanesia12,000 km²0.30 M
Vietnam1966Southeast Asia331,000 km²96.46 M

Dependent territories

Some of the above member states have other dependent outlying areas. These are not independent states, but they do have some economic and political autonomy. The treaties concluded by the ADB apply to them at least in part. However, these countries are not listed as official member states.

Åland IslandsNorthern EuropeTerritory of Finland
American SamoaPolynesiaselbstregiertes Territorium der USA
AnguillaCaribbeanselbstregiertes Territorium des Vereinigten Königreiches
ArubaCaribbeanTerritorium des Niederländischen Königreiches
BermudaNorth Americaselbstregiertes Territorium des Vereinigten Königreiches
Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and SabaCaribbeanTerritory of the Netherlands
Bouvet IslandSouth AmericaTerritory of Norway
British Indian Ocean TerritoryEastern AfricaTerritory of the United Kingdom
British Virgin IslandsCaribbeanselbstregiertes Territorium des Vereinigten Königreiches
Cayman IslandsCaribbeanselbstregiertes Territorium des Vereinigten Königreiches
Christmas IslandAustralia/New Zealandnicht selbstregiertes Territorium Australiens
Cocos (Keeling) IslandsAustralia/New Zealandnicht selbstregiertes Territorium Australiens
Falkland IslandsSouth Americaselbstregiertes Territorium des Vereinigten Königreiches
Faroe IslandsNorthern EuropeTerritorium des dänischen Königreiches
French GuianaSouth AmericaTerritory of France
French PolynesiaPolynesiaTerritorium Frankreichs
French Southern and Antarctic LandsAntarcticaTerritory of France
GibraltarSouthern Europeselbstregiertes Territorium des Vereinigten Königreiches
GreenlandNorth AmericaTerritorium des dänischen Königreiches
GuadeloupeCaribbeanTerritory of France
GuamMicronesiaselbstregiertes nicht-inkorporiertes Territorium der USA
GuernseyBritish Islesautonomer Kronbesitz des Vereinigten Königreiches
Heard Island and McDonald IslandsAustralia/New ZealandTerritory of Australia
Isle of ManBritish Islesautonomer Kronbesitz des Vereinigten Königreiches
JerseyBritish Islesautonomer Kronbesitz des Vereinigten Königreiches
MacaoEast AsiaSonderverwaltungszone Chinas
MartiniqueCaribbeanTerritory of France
MayotteEastern AfricaTerritory of France
MontserratCaribbeanselbstregiertes Territorium des Vereinigten Königreiches
New CaledoniaMelanesiaTerritorium Frankreichs
Norfolk IslandAustralia/New ZealandTerritorium Australiens
Pitcairn IslandsPolynesiaBritisches Überseegebiet
Puerto RicoCaribbeannicht-inkorporiertes Territorium der USA
ReunionEastern AfricaTerritory of France
Saint BarthelemyCaribbeanTerritory of France
Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da CunhaWestern Africabeschränkt selbstregiertes Territorium des Vereinigten Königreiches
Saint MartinCaribbeanTerritory of France
Saint Pierre and MiquelonNorth AmericaTerritorium Frankreichs
Sint MaartenCaribbeanautonomes Territorium des Niederlandischen Königreichs
South Georgia and South Sandwich IslandsSouth AmericaTerritory of the United Kingdom
SvalbardNorthern EuropeTerritory of Norway
TokelauPolynesiaTerritorium Neuseelands
Turks and Caicos IslandsCaribbeanselbstregiertes Territorium des Vereinigten Königreiches
Virgin IslandsCaribbeanselbstregiertes Territorium der USA
Wallis and FutunaPolynesiaTerritorium Frankreichs