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Mega cities

They are the largest cities in the world, have several million people and an amazing cultural mixture within their broad levels of population. Goverments and politics aren't comparable with the ones of a small town somewhere in the meadowy countryside. But duties and responsibilities are also immense: Infrastructure and environment are on top of the problem's list of each mega city.

The Asian continent is the obvious leader of our ranking of worldwide mega cities. But Asia also provides the largest urban agglomerations worldwide, which consist of a bundle of political separated cities - such as Tokio-Yokohama, New York, Manila or Delhi.

The biggest US-city is New York City and comes 24th in the worldwide ranking.

Our comparison lists the populations of the actual cities (no summarized metropolitan areas or districts).

See also our ranking of the world's capital cities.

List of mega cities

RankMega cityCountryRegionPopulation
1ShanghaiChinaEast Asia24,153,000
2BeijingChinaEast Asia21,700,000
3IstanbulTurkeyWestern Asia14,657,000
4DhakaBangladeshSouth Asia14,543,000
5LagosNigeriaWestern Africa14,234,000
6TokyoJapanEast Asia13,617,000
7MoscowRussiaEastern Europe13,198,000
8KarachiPakistanSouth Asia13,052,000
9MumbaiIndiaSouth Asia12,442,000
10São PauloBrazilSouth America12,038,000
11ShenzhenChinaEast Asia11,908,000
12DelhiIndiaSouth Asia11,035,000
13LimaPeruSouth America10,852,000
14GuangzhouChinaEast Asia10,641,000
15SeoulSouth KoreaEast Asia10,290,000
16KinshasaDemocratic Republic of the CongoCentral Africa10,125,000
17LahorePakistanSouth Asia10,052,000
18JakartaIndonesiaSoutheast Asia10,012,000
19CairoEgyptNorthern Africa9,500,000
20TianjinChinaEast Asia9,290,000
21Mexico CityMexicoCentral America8,919,000
22BaghdadIraqWestern Asia8,765,000
23LondonUnited KingdomBritish Isles8,674,000
24New York CityUnited StatesNorth America8,538,000
25BangaloreIndiaSouth Asia8,444,000
26Ho Chi Minh CityVietnamSoutheast Asia8,248,000
27NanjingChinaEast Asia8,230,000
28ChongqingChinaEast Asia8,166,000
29TehranIranSouth Asia8,154,000
30BogotáColombiaSouth America8,081,000
31DongguanChinaEast Asia7,271,000
32ChennaiIndiaSouth Asia7,088,000
33HyderabadIndiaSouth Asia6,810,000
34FoshanChinaEast Asia6,772,000
35RiyadhSaudi ArabiaWestern Asia6,507,000
36Rio de JaneiroBrazilSouth America6,454,000
37ShenyangChinaEast Asia5,718,000
38BangkokThailandSoutheast Asia5,687,000
39AhmedabadIndiaSouth Asia5,634,000
40SingaporeSingaporeSoutheast Asia5,607,000
41WuhanChinaEast Asia5,372,000
42Saint PetersburgRussiaEastern Europe5,323,000
43Xi’anChinaEast Asia5,206,000
44HangzhouChinaEast Asia5,162,000
45CasablancaMoroccoNorthern Africa5,118,000

Data as CSV file

A list of all cities with more than 1 million inhabitants can also be obtained as a CSV file in the download area.