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Global population density

Next to our list of the world's largest countries we also provide this ranking by population density. The countries ranking by population density is by far headed by microstates like Monaco, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The second line is dominated by countries well known for their poverty rates. Large families are here the warrantors against elderly poverty. But also the giants in export and industry like Taiwan or South Korea can be found near the top.

The United States comes 73th with a density of 32.9 inhabitants per square kilometer.
PlatzLandFlächeEinwohnerEinwohner pro km²
1Macau *28 km²0.6 M21,863.1
2Monaco2 km²0.0 M19,249.5
3Singapore697 km²5.6 M8,044.9
4Hong Kong *1,108 km²7.3 M6,630.6
5Bangladesh143,998 km²163.0 M1,131.6
6South Korea99,720 km²51.2 M513.9
7Israel20,770 km²8.5 M411.5
8Netherlands41,543 km²17.0 M409.7
9India3,287,263 km²1,324.2 M402.8
10Belgium30,528 km²11.3 M371.7
11Philippines300,000 km²103.3 M344.4
12Japan377,915 km²127.0 M336.0
13Sri Lanka65,610 km²21.2 M323.2
14Vietnam331,210 km²92.7 M279.9
15American Samoa *199 km²0.1 M279.4
16United Kingdom243,610 km²65.6 M269.4
17Pakistan796,095 km²193.2 M242.7
18Liechtenstein160 km²0.0 M235.4
19Germany357,022 km²82.7 M231.5
20Luxembourg2,586 km²0.6 M225.4
21North Korea120,538 km²25.4 M210.5
22Switzerland41,277 km²8.4 M202.8
23Nigeria923,768 km²186.0 M201.3
24Italy301,340 km²60.6 M201.1
25Nepal147,181 km²29.0 M196.9
26Kosovo10,887 km²1.8 M166.8
27China9,596,960 km²1,378.7 M143.7
28Indonesia1,904,569 km²261.1 M137.1
29Thailand513,120 km²68.9 M134.2
30Czech Republic78,867 km²10.6 M133.9
31Denmark43,094 km²5.7 M133.0
32Poland312,685 km²37.9 M121.4
33Ghana238,533 km²28.2 M118.3
34Portugal92,090 km²10.3 M112.1
35United Arab Emirates83,600 km²9.3 M110.9
36Slovakia49,035 km²5.4 M110.7
37Hungary93,028 km²9.8 M105.5
38Moldova33,851 km²3.6 M104.9
39Austria83,871 km²8.7 M104.3
40France643,801 km²66.9 M103.9
41Cuba110,860 km²11.5 M103.5
42Slovenia20,273 km²2.1 M101.9
43Turkey783,562 km²79.5 M101.5
44Albania28,748 km²2.9 M100.0
45Syria185,180 km²18.4 M99.5
46Egypt1,001,450 km²95.7 M95.6
47Costa Rica51,100 km²4.9 M95.1
48Malaysia329,847 km²31.2 M94.6
49Ethiopia1,104,300 km²102.4 M92.7
50Spain505,370 km²46.4 M91.9
51Serbia77,474 km²7.1 M91.1
52Kenya580,367 km²48.5 M83.5
53Romania238,391 km²19.7 M82.7
54Greece131,957 km²10.7 M81.4
55Macedonia25,713 km²2.1 M80.9
56Morocco446,550 km²35.3 M79.0
57Ukraine603,550 km²45.0 M74.6
58Croatia56,594 km²4.2 M73.7
59Bosnia and Herzegovina51,197 km²3.5 M68.7
60Ireland70,273 km²4.8 M67.9
61Mexico1,964,375 km²127.5 M64.9
62Bulgaria110,879 km²7.1 M64.3
63Afghanistan652,230 km²34.7 M53.1
64Iran1,648,195 km²80.3 M48.7
65South Africa1,219,090 km²55.9 M45.9
66Belarus207,600 km²9.5 M45.8
67Montenegro13,812 km²0.6 M45.1
68Equatorial Guinea28,051 km²1.2 M43.5
69Colombia1,138,910 km²48.7 M42.7
70Madagascar587,041 km²24.9 M42.4
71Venezuela912,050 km²31.6 M34.6
72Democratic Republic of the Congo2,344,858 km²78.7 M33.6
73United States9,826,675 km²323.1 M32.9
74Peru1,285,216 km²31.8 M24.7
75Brazil8,514,877 km²207.7 M24.4
76Chile756,102 km²17.9 M23.7
77Sweden450,295 km²9.9 M22.0
78New Zealand267,710 km²4.7 M17.5
79Algeria2,381,741 km²40.6 M17.0
80Finland338,145 km²5.5 M16.3
81Norway323,802 km²5.2 M16.2
82Argentina2,780,400 km²43.8 M15.8
83Saudi Arabia2,149,690 km²32.3 M15.0
84Bolivia1,098,581 km²10.9 M9.9
85Russia17,098,242 km²144.3 M8.4
86Kazakhstan2,724,900 km²17.8 M6.5
87Canada9,984,670 km²36.3 M3.6
88Iceland103,000 km²0.3 M3.2
89Australia7,741,220 km²24.1 M3.1
90Greenland *2,166,086 km²0.1 M0.0

* Dependent territories

The following countries are not sovereign states, but dependent countries of other states: