Worldmap Americas Africa Europa Asia Australia Oceania
life expectancy Life expectancy
Where are people dying first?
And when will our time come?
Timezones Timezones
All timezones, time-switches and a timezone-converter
Fl├╝chtlinge und deren Herkunft Refugees
Origins of asylum seekers and their countries of refuge.
currency converter Currency converter
Convert every currency into any other one.
Geography The largest countries
The giants are obviously China and India. A top-list of the worlds biggest and most populated countries.

Capital Cities
A list of all capital cities in the world:
From the mega city to the small Caribbean village.

Mega cities
Monstrous and overcrowded. The biggest cities in the world.

In 4 times around the world: All timezones, time-switches and a timezone-converter.

Natural disasters
The most severe earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis around the globe.
People Languages worldwide
English is the "world language"?
Reality might be a bit different.

Religions of the world
The biggest religions and their variations
in a global summary.

Average body height
A worldwide comparison of the heights and weights of men and women.

Population density
Residents per area: comparing the jostle.

Life expectancy
Where are people dying first? And when will our time come?

IQ by country
Intelligence quotient compared worldwide with income and climate
Economy Unemployment rates
From 0 to 36% in more than 70 countries.
Unemployment in an international comparison.

Average income
The average income worldwide: The US earns well, but there's much more income elsewhere.

Cost of living
Whats the price for living abroad?
Wich countries are most and least expensive?

Worldwide ranking of curruption in the public sector.

Biggest Airports
The ranking of the largest airport worldwide incl. passengers, cargo and longest runways.