CSV downloads

Some of our data is provided here in downloadable CSV files.
For licensing reasons this is only offered for some limited data, which is listed below.

Payments are made via Paypal. After we have received the confirmation of your payment, you will receive an automatic email with the corresponding CSV file attached. In general, this process takes about one or two minutes.

CSV files

created: 30.05.2023
size: 51.50 kB
records: 250
price: 5.00 EUR


General data for all countries. Contained fields:
  • Country name in english
  • Country name in local language
  • Country code ISO 3166-1 (2 letters)
  • Capital
  • Continent
  • Population
  • Surface area (km² and sq mi)
  • Coastline (km and mi)
  • Government form
  • Currency
  • Currency code
  • Dialing prefix
  • Birthrate (per 1000 inhabitants/year)
  • Deathrate (per 1000 inhabitants/year)
created: 16.04.2023
size: 34.75 kB
records: 250
price: 3.00 EUR

Country codes of all countries. Contained fields:
  • Country name
  • Country code ISO 3166-1 (numeric)
  • Country code ISO 3166-1 (2 letters)
  • Country code ISO 3166-1 (3 letters)
  • Fips10
  • STANAG 1059
  • Internet domain
  • Dialing prefix
  • Country code International Olympic Committee
  • Country code FIFA (also non-members)
  • Vehicle registration code
  • United Nations Code for Trade and Transport Locations
  • Maritime identification digits (MID)
  • International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
  • International Union of Railways (UIC)
  • Mobile Country Code (MCC)
created: 06.04.2023
size: 15.31 kB
records: 241
price: 3.00 EUR


All capital cities worldwide with additional data. Contained fields:
  • City name
  • Country name
  • Country code ISO 3166-1 (2 letters)
  • Population
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Region
created: 10.06.2023
size: 23.05 kB
records: 249
price: 4.00 EUR

Currencies and additional currency information sorted by country. Contained fields:
  • Country name
  • Country code ISO 3166-1 (2 letters)
  • Name of currency
  • Sub-units (e.g. Cent, Centime, Øre)
  • Currency code ISO 4217 (3 letters)
  • Currency code ISO 4217 (numeric)
  • Currency symbol (for 177 countries)
  • Fixed rate (for pegged currencies, e.g. "1 USD = 7.80 HKD")
  • Exchange rate to US-Dollar
  • Exchange rate to Euro
  • Date of exchange rate

created: 25.01.2023
size: 368.88 kB
files: 249
price: 8.00 EUR


All country flags as GIF files each in 190 x 114 pixels. All images are unified and contain no borders (the frames in the files of Guam and Montenegro belong to the flag). The number of colors is optimized manually.

The proportions of the original flags differ depending on the country. E.g., the flag of Qatar is originally very narrow and the Swiss flag is a square. In this zip-file, the ratios of all flags were unified to 190 * 114 pixels. Cut out parts never contained any emblems.

The filenames correspond to the two-letter coding of ISO 3166-1.