CSV downloads

Some of our data is provided here free for use in downloadable csv files.
For licensing reasons this is only offered for some limited data, which is listed below.


You are allowed to use, edit and redistribute the material - even commercially.
However, it is expected to name WorldData.info as your source and provide a link to us.


Additionally a little donation is of course always welcome. Per CSV file an amount of 5 euro is recommended.
Just select the amount you wish to donate.

CSV files

created: 04/18/2017
size: 48.44 kB
General data for all countries. Contained fields:

created: 04/18/2017
size: 32.89 kB
Country codes of all countries. Mostly like our own site about Countrycodes. Contained fields:

created: 04/18/2017
size: 25.59 kB
All cities (not metropolitan areas!) worldwide with more than 1 million inhabitants. See also the megacities on worlddata.info. Contained fields:

created: 04/18/2017
size: 18.28 kB
Alle capitals worldwide. A little bit more info than in our published listing. Contained fields:

The creation date represents the generation of the csv file, which is generated from the database. Unfortunately, it is not possible to give the single dates of data updates itself.