The largest countries

The question itself for the "largest" countries is a bit difficult. Listed by population, some of the biggest ones like Canada, Greenland and Australia are not even listed in the first dozen entries. Otherwise a ranking by area wouldn't even list important countries like Japan or Mexico. Here are both rankings.

Listing by Population
Listing by Area

The largest countries by population

RankCountryAreaPopulationPopulation per km²
1China9,562,900 km²1,378.7 M144.2
2India3,287,300 km²1,324.2 M402.8
3United States9,831,500 km²323.1 M32.9
4Indonesia1,910,900 km²261.1 M136.6
5Brazil8,515,800 km²207.7 M24.4
6Pakistan796,100 km²193.2 M242.7
7Nigeria923,800 km²186.0 M201.3
8Bangladesh147,600 km²163.0 M1,103.8
9Russia17,098,300 km²144.3 M8.4
10Mexico1,964,400 km²127.5 M64.9
11Japan378,000 km²127.0 M336.0
12Philippines300,000 km²103.3 M344.4
13Ethiopia1,104,300 km²102.4 M92.7
14Egypt1,001,500 km²95.7 M95.6
15Vietnam331,000 km²92.7 M280.1
16Germany357,400 km²82.7 M231.3
17Iran1,745,200 km²80.3 M46.0
18Turkey785,400 km²79.5 M101.2
19Democratic Republic of the Congo2,344,900 km²78.7 M33.6
20Thailand513,100 km²68.9 M134.2
21France549,100 km²66.9 M121.8
22United Kingdom243,600 km²65.6 M269.4
23Italy301,300 km²60.6 M201.1
24South Africa1,219,100 km²55.9 M45.9
25Tanzania947,300 km²55.6 M58.7
26Burma676,600 km²52.9 M78.2
27South Korea100,300 km²51.2 M511.0
28Colombia1,141,700 km²48.7 M42.6
29Kenya580,400 km²48.5 M83.5
30Spain505,900 km²46.4 M91.8

The largest countries by area

RankCountryAreaPopulationPopulation per km²
1Russia17,098,300 km²144.3 M8.4
2Canada9,984,700 km²36.3 M3.6
3United States9,831,500 km²323.1 M32.9
4China9,562,900 km²1,378.7 M144.2
5Brazil8,515,800 km²207.7 M24.4
6Australia7,741,200 km²24.1 M3.1
7India3,287,300 km²1,324.2 M402.8
8Argentina2,780,400 km²43.8 M15.8
9Kazakhstan2,724,900 km²17.8 M6.5
10Algeria2,381,700 km²40.6 M17.0
11Democratic Republic of the Congo2,344,900 km²78.7 M33.6
12Saudi Arabia2,149,700 km²32.3 M15.0
13Mexico1,964,400 km²127.5 M64.9
14Indonesia1,910,900 km²261.1 M136.6
15Sudan1,879,400 km²39.6 M21.1
16Libya1,759,500 km²6.3 M3.6
17Iran1,745,200 km²80.3 M46.0
18Mongolia1,564,100 km²3.0 M1.9
19Peru1,285,200 km²31.8 M24.7
20Chad1,284,000 km²14.5 M11.3
21Niger1,267,000 km²20.7 M16.3
22Angola1,246,700 km²28.8 M23.1
23Mali1,240,200 km²18.0 M14.5
24South Africa1,219,100 km²55.9 M45.9
25Colombia1,141,700 km²48.7 M42.6
26Ethiopia1,104,300 km²102.4 M92.7
27Bolivia1,098,600 km²10.9 M9.9
28Mauritania1,030,700 km²4.3 M4.2
29Egypt1,001,500 km²95.7 M95.6
30Tanzania947,300 km²55.6 M58.7