Life expectancy

The average life expectancy of a country usually draws a conclusion to medical and hygienic standard.

In most industrialized countries people have 15 or more years to live after retirement. But in countries of the third world or countries known for poverty it is quite different.

Remarkable: The most expensive microstates are again on top of this ranking.

Life expectancy and theoretical birthrate

Birth rate and death rate are given in births/deaths per 1000 inhabitants within 1 year.

CountryLife expectancyPopulationDeath rateBirth rateAveraged birth rate*
Hong Kong84.3 years7.3 M6.38.211.9
Japan83.8 years127.0 M10.17.911.9
Macau83.6 years0.6 M3.812.012.0
Italy83.5 years60.6 M10.78.012.0
Spain83.4 years46.4 M9.09.012.0
San Marino83.3 years0.0 M7.18.212.0
Switzerland83.2 years8.4 M8.110.212.0
Iceland82.9 years0.3 M6.612.512.1
France82.7 years66.9 M9.012.012.1
Singapore82.6 years5.6 M4.89.712.1
Sweden82.6 years9.9 M9.311.712.1
Australia82.5 years24.1 M6.612.712.1
Luxembourg82.2 years0.6 M7.010.712.2
South Korea82.2 years51.2 M5.48.612.2
Canada82.1 years36.3 M7.510.912.2
Norway82.1 years5.2 M7.811.412.2
Liechtenstein82.1 years0.0 M6.78.712.2
Israel82.1 years8.5 M5.321.312.2
Austria81.8 years8.7 M9.69.812.2
Netherlands81.7 years17.0 M8.710.012.2
United Kingdom81.6 years65.6 M9.311.912.3
Greece81.6 years10.7 M11.28.512.3
Portugal81.5 years10.3 M10.58.312.3
Ireland81.5 years4.8 M6.414.212.3
New Zealand81.5 years4.7 M6.913.312.3
Finland81.4 years5.5 M9.610.112.3
Belgium81.3 years11.3 M9.810.912.3
Denmark81.1 years5.7 M9.210.212.3
Germany81.1 years82.7 M11.39.012.3
Slovenia81.1 years2.1 M9.610.012.3
Costa Rica79.6 years4.9 M4.914.512.6
Cuba79.5 years11.5 M7.911.012.6
Czech Republic79.5 years10.6 M10.510.512.6
Chile79.2 years17.9 M6.113.412.6
United States78.7 years323.1 M8.212.412.7
Poland78.2 years37.9 M10.49.712.8
Albania78.2 years2.9 M7.211.912.8
United Arab Emirates77.5 years9.3 M1.69.912.9
Croatia77.3 years4.2 M12.98.912.9
Slovakia77.2 years5.4 M9.910.313.0
Mexico76.9 years127.5 M4.818.513.0
Montenegro76.9 years0.6 M9.811.513.0
Bosnia and Herzegovina76.6 years3.5 M10.99.113.0
Argentina76.3 years43.8 M7.617.413.1
China76.1 years1,378.7 M7.112.113.1
Hungary76.0 years9.8 M13.49.413.2
Vietnam75.9 years92.7 M5.816.913.2
Algeria75.9 years40.6 M4.823.913.2
Iran75.7 years80.3 M4.517.113.2
Macedonia75.5 years2.1 M9.711.313.2
Morocco75.5 years35.3 M5.120.413.2
Serbia75.5 years7.1 M14.69.313.2
Turkey75.4 years79.5 M5.816.513.3
Malaysia75.2 years31.2 M4.917.113.3
Brazil75.2 years207.7 M6.114.413.3
Thailand75.1 years68.9 M7.810.613.3
Sri Lanka75.0 years21.2 M6.815.613.3
Romania75.0 years19.7 M13.29.313.3
Peru74.7 years31.8 M5.619.613.4
Saudi Arabia74.6 years32.3 M3.519.913.4
Bulgaria74.5 years7.1 M15.39.213.4
Venezuela74.4 years31.6 M5.619.313.4
Colombia74.2 years48.7 M5.915.513.5
Belarus73.6 years9.5 M12.612.513.6
Bangladesh72.2 years163.0 M5.319.313.8
Kazakhstan72.0 years17.8 M7.522.713.9
Greenland71.8 years0.1 M8.515.213.9
Moldova71.4 years3.6 M11.410.514.0
Kosovo71.3 years1.8 M7.017.114.0
Egypt71.3 years95.7 M6.027.214.0
North Korea71.2 years25.4 M8.813.914.0
Ukraine71.2 years45.0 M14.910.714.0
Russia70.9 years144.3 M13.013.314.1
Syria70.3 years18.4 M5.622.214.2
Nepal69.9 years29.0 M6.320.014.3
Indonesia69.0 years261.1 M7.119.414.5
Philippines69.0 years103.3 M6.523.414.5
Bolivia68.7 years10.9 M7.423.514.5
India68.3 years1,324.2 M7.319.314.6
Kenya66.6 years48.5 M5.831.815.0
Pakistan66.3 years193.2 M7.328.715.1
Madagascar65.5 years24.9 M6.533.415.3
Ethiopia65.0 years102.4 M7.032.315.4
Afghanistan63.3 years34.7 M6.934.015.8
Ghana62.4 years28.2 M8.331.616.0
South Africa61.9 years55.9 M10.121.316.1
Democratic Republic of the Congo59.2 years78.7 M10.242.816.9
Equatorial Guinea57.5 years1.2 M10.334.617.4
Somalia55.9 years14.3 M11.643.717.9
Lesotho53.6 years2.2 M12.928.218.7
Ivory Coast53.1 years23.7 M12.537.118.8
Nigeria53.0 years186.0 M12.839.418.9
Chad52.6 years14.5 M13.243.919.0
Sierra Leone51.4 years7.4 M13.035.619.5
Central African Republic51.4 years4.6 M14.036.119.5

* Our averaged birth rate doesn't follow any established standard. As a reference value we formed the quotient of the country's total population and life expectancy in annual births per 1000 inhabitants. The result is an average for the last 60-80 years. In absence of an included population growth this value isn't applicable elsewhere, but it is recognizable, that this value generally rises with a decreasing life expectancy.

The reason for this purpose won't be computed by any statistic. Maybe a worse health care tends to result in more love lust - or the other way round a more frequent copulation leads to an earlier death ;-)