Members of the G33:
Forum for developing countries

The G33 is an alliance of states that currently consists of 44 countries from almost all regions worldwide.

All member states comprise a total area of 30.62 million km² and about 4.38 billion people. This is 20.3 percent of the habitable area around the world and 56 percent of the world population. With an economic output of 27.233 trillion US dollars annually, they represent around 28.22 percent of the global economy. The value of all exported goods from these 44 countries was 5.985 trillion US dollars per year at last count.
Map of member countries: G33 - Forum for developing countries
Antigua and Barbuda0.09 M440 km²
Barbados0.28 M430 km²
Belize0.40 M23,000 km²
Benin13.00 M115,000 km²
Botswana2.59 M582,000 km²
China1,412.36 M9,563,000 km²
Congo (Dem. Republic)95.89 M2,345,000 km²
Cuba11.26 M110,000 km²
Dominican Republic11.12 M49,000 km²
Grenada0.12 M340 km²
Guatemala17.11 M109,000 km²
Guyana0.80 M215,000 km²
Haiti11.45 M28,000 km²
Honduras10.28 M112,000 km²
India1,407.56 M3,287,000 km²
Indonesia273.75 M1,914,000 km²
Ivory Coast27.48 M322,000 km²
Jamaica2.83 M11,000 km²
Kenya53.01 M580,000 km²
Laos7.43 M237,000 km²
Madagascar28.92 M587,000 km²
Mauritius1.27 M2,040 km²
Mongolia3.35 M1,564,000 km²
Mozambique32.08 M786,000 km²
Nicaragua6.85 M130,000 km²
Nigeria213.40 M924,000 km²
Pakistan231.40 M796,000 km²
Panama4.35 M75,000 km²
Peru33.72 M1,285,000 km²
Philippines113.88 M300,000 km²
Saint Kitts and Nevis0.05 M260 km²
Saint Lucia0.18 M620 km²
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines0.10 M390 km²
Senegal16.88 M197,000 km²
South Korea51.74 M100,000 km²
Sri Lanka22.16 M66,000 km²
Suriname0.61 M164,000 km²
Tanzania63.59 M947,000 km²
Trinidad and Tobago1.53 M5,130 km²
Turkey84.78 M785,000 km²
Uganda45.85 M242,000 km²
Venezuela28.20 M912,000 km²
Zambia19.47 M753,000 km²
Zimbabwe15.99 M391,000 km²

Dependent territories

Some of the above-mentioned member states have other external territories dependent on them. These are not independent states, but they do have some economic and political autonomy. The G33 treaties apply to them at least in part. These countries are not listed as official member states.

Hong KongEast AsiaSpecial administrative region of China
MacaoEast AsiaSpecial administrative region of China
TaiwanEast AsiaTerritory of China