Members of the CARICOM:
Caribbean Community and Common Market

The CARICOM is a trade agreement that currently consists of 15 countries mainly located in the Caribbean and South America.

All member states comprise a total area of 463,000 km² and about 18.93 million people. This is 0.31 percent of the habitable area around the world and 0.24 percent of the world population. The value of all exported goods from these 15 countries was 33.18 billion US dollars per year at last count.

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Map of member countries: CARICOM - Caribbean Community and Common Market
Antigua and Barbuda19740.09 M440 km²1.47 bn US$
Bahamas19830.41 M14,000 km²11.21 bn US$
Barbados19730.28 M430 km²4.84 bn US$
Belize19740.40 M23,000 km²2.49 bn US$
Dominica19740.07 M750 km²554.18 m US$
Grenada19740.12 M340 km²1.12 bn US$
Guyana19730.80 M215,000 km²8.04 bn US$
Haiti200211.45 M28,000 km²20.94 bn US$
Jamaica19732.83 M11,000 km²14.66 bn US$
Montserrat19740.01 M102 km² 
Saint Kitts and Nevis19740.05 M260 km²860.84 m US$
Saint Lucia19740.18 M620 km²1.69 bn US$
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines19740.10 M390 km²904.18 m US$
Suriname19950.61 M164,000 km²2.98 bn US$
Trinidad and Tobago19741.53 M5,130 km²24.46 bn US$