Members of the CARICOM:
Caribbean Community and Common Market

The CARICOM is a trade agreement of currently 15 countries mainly located in Caribbean and in South America.

All member states comprise a total area of 463,000 km² and about 19.03 million people. This is 0.31% of the habitable area around the world and 0.24% of the world population. The value of all exported goods of these 15 countries was 23.98 billion US dollars per year at last count.

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Map of member countries: CARICOM - Caribbean Community and Common Market
Antigua and Barbuda19740.10 M440 km²1.47 bn US$
Bahamas19830.40 M14,000 km²11.21 bn US$
Barbados19730.29 M430 km²4.90 bn US$
Belize19740.40 M23,000 km²1.79 bn US$
Dominica19740.07 M750 km²545.62 m US$
Grenada19740.11 M340 km²1.12 bn US$
Guyana19730.79 M215,000 km²7.41 bn US$
Haiti200211.54 M28,000 km²20.94 bn US$
Jamaica19732.97 M11,000 km²13.64 bn US$
Montserrat19740.01 M102 km² 
Saint Kitts and Nevis19740.05 M260 km²976.15 m US$
Saint Lucia19740.18 M620 km²1.76 bn US$
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines19740.11 M390 km²889.78 m US$
Suriname19950.59 M164,000 km²2.86 bn US$
Trinidad and Tobago19741.40 M5,130 km²21.39 bn US$