Member states of the G20
Group of Twenty

The G20 is an alliance of currently 19 countries from almost all regions worldwide.

All member states comprise a total area of 78.76 million km² and about 4.49 billion people.
This is 52.3% of the habitable area around the world and 60% of the world population.
ArgentinaSouth America2,780,000 km²43.85 M
AustraliaAustralia/New Zealand7,741,000 km²24.21 M
BrazilSouth America8,516,000 km²207.65 M
CanadaNorth America9,985,000 km²36.26 M
ChinaEast Asia9,563,000 km²1,378.67 M
FranceWestern Europe549,000 km²66.89 M
GermanyWestern Europe357,000 km²82.49 M
IndiaSouth Asia3,287,000 km²1,324.17 M
IndonesiaSoutheast Asia1,911,000 km²261.12 M
ItalySouthern Europe301,000 km²60.63 M
JapanEast Asia378,000 km²126.99 M
MexicoCentral America1,964,000 km²127.54 M
RussiaEastern Europe17,098,000 km²144.34 M
Saudi ArabiaWestern Asia2,150,000 km²32.28 M
South AfricaSouthern Africa1,219,000 km²56.02 M
South KoreaEast Asia100,000 km²51.25 M
TurkeyWestern Asia785,000 km²79.51 M
United KingdomBritish Isles244,000 km²65.60 M
United StatesNorth America9,832,000 km²323.13 M