Member States
African Union

The African Union is an alliance of currently 53 countries mainly located in Eastern Africa and in Western Africa.

All member states comprise a total area of 29.26 million km² and about 1.22 billion people.
This is 19.4% of the habitable area around the world and 16% of the world population.
AlgeriaNorthern Africa2,382,000 km²41.32 M
AngolaCentral Africa1,247,000 km²29.78 M
BeninWestern Africa115,000 km²11.18 M
BotswanaSouthern Africa582,000 km²2.29 M
Burkina FasoWestern Africa274,000 km²19.19 M
BurundiEastern Africa28,000 km²10.86 M
CameroonCentral Africa475,000 km²24.05 M
Cape VerdeWestern Africa4,030 km²0.55 M
ChadCentral Africa1,284,000 km²14.90 M
ComorosEastern Africa1,861 km²0.81 M
Democratic Republic of the CongoCentral Africa2,345,000 km²81.34 M
DjiboutiEastern Africa23,000 km²0.96 M
EgyptNorthern Africa1,001,000 km²97.55 M
Equatorial GuineaCentral Africa28,000 km²1.27 M
EritreaEastern Africa118,000 km²5.92 M
EthiopiaEastern Africa1,104,000 km²104.96 M
GabonCentral Africa268,000 km²2.03 M
GambiaWestern Africa11,000 km²2.10 M
GhanaWestern Africa239,000 km²28.83 M
GuineaWestern Africa246,000 km²12.72 M
Guinea-BissauWestern Africa36,000 km²1.86 M
Ivory CoastWestern Africa322,000 km²24.29 M
KenyaEastern Africa580,000 km²49.70 M
LesothoSouthern Africa30,000 km²2.23 M
LiberiaWestern Africa111,000 km²4.73 M
LibyaNorthern Africa1,760,000 km²6.37 M
MadagascarEastern Africa587,000 km²25.57 M
MalawiEastern Africa118,000 km²18.62 M
MaliWestern Africa1,240,000 km²18.54 M
MauritaniaWestern Africa1,031,000 km²4.42 M
MauritiusEastern Africa2,040 km²1.26 M
MozambiqueEastern Africa799,000 km²29.67 M
NamibiaSouthern Africa824,000 km²2.53 M
NigerWestern Africa1,267,000 km²21.48 M
NigeriaWestern Africa924,000 km²190.89 M
Republic of the CongoCentral Africa342,000 km²5.26 M
RwandaEastern Africa26,000 km²12.21 M
Sao Tome and PrincipeCentral Africa960 km²0.20 M
SenegalWestern Africa197,000 km²15.85 M
SeychellesEastern Africa460 km²0.10 M
Sierra LeoneWestern Africa72,000 km²7.56 M
SomaliaEastern Africa638,000 km²14.74 M
South AfricaSouthern Africa1,219,000 km²56.72 M
South SudanNorthern Africa644,000 km²12.58 M
SudanNorthern Africa1,879,000 km²40.53 M
SwazilandSouthern Africa17,000 km²1.37 M
TanzaniaEastern Africa947,000 km²57.31 M
TogoWestern Africa57,000 km²7.80 M
TunisiaNorthern Africa164,000 km²11.53 M
UgandaEastern Africa242,000 km²42.86 M
Western SaharaNorthern Africa266,000 km²0.60 M
ZambiaEastern Africa753,000 km²17.09 M
ZimbabweEastern Africa391,000 km²16.53 M