Member States
European Union

The European Union is an alliance of currently 28 countries mainly located in Southern Europe and in Western Europe.

All member states comprise a total area of 4.38 million km² and about 512.46 million people.
This is 2.9% of the habitable area around the world and 6.8% of the world population.
Austria01.01.1995Western Europe84,000 km²8.81 M
Belgium01.01.1958Western Europe31,000 km²11.37 M
Bulgaria01.01.2007Eastern Europe111,000 km²7.08 M
Croatia01.07.2013Southern Europe57,000 km²4.13 M
Cyprus01.05.2004Western Asia9,250 km²1.18 M
Czech Republic01.05.2004Eastern Europe79,000 km²10.59 M
Denmark01.01.1973Northern Europe43,000 km²5.77 M
Estonia01.05.2004Northern Europe45,000 km²1.32 M
Finland01.01.1995Northern Europe338,000 km²5.51 M
France01.01.1958Western Europe549,000 km²67.12 M
Germany01.01.1958Western Europe357,000 km²82.70 M
Greece01.01.1981Southern Europe132,000 km²10.76 M
Hungary01.05.2004Eastern Europe93,000 km²9.78 M
Ireland01.01.1973British Isles70,000 km²4.81 M
Italy01.01.1958Southern Europe301,000 km²60.55 M
Latvia01.05.2004Northern Europe64,000 km²1.94 M
Lithuania01.05.2004Northern Europe65,000 km²2.83 M
Luxembourg01.01.1958Western Europe2,590 km²0.60 M
Malta01.05.2004Southern Europe320 km²0.47 M
Netherlands01.01.1958Western Europe42,000 km²17.13 M
Poland01.05.2004Eastern Europe313,000 km²37.98 M
Portugal01.01.1986Southern Europe92,000 km²10.29 M
Romania01.01.2007Eastern Europe238,000 km²19.59 M
Slovakia01.05.2004Eastern Europe49,000 km²5.44 M
Slovenia01.05.2004Southern Europe20,000 km²2.07 M
Spain01.01.1986Southern Europe506,000 km²46.57 M
Sweden01.01.1995Northern Europe447,000 km²10.07 M
United Kingdom01.01.1973British Isles244,000 km²66.02 M