Public Holidays

Public holidays in Serbia 2020-2024

In the Christian world, most holidays are oriented towards Easter or Christmas. But also in other countries far away from home there is enough reason to celebrate.

Not all holidays are statuted by law - and those that are, do not necessarily mean a day off in all regions of Serbia. Rather, it is often up to the respective parts of the country whether the holiday is also a day off.

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Non-movable holidays

Non-statutory holidays are written in gray.

holidayLocal namedate
New Year's DayNova GodinaJan, 1st
Orthodox ChristmasBožićJan, 7th
Serbian New YearSrpska Nova GodinaJan, 13th
St. Sava DayDan Svetog SaveJan, 27th
National holidayDan državnosti SrbijeFeb, 15th
Day of the Serbian ArmyDan Vojske SrbijeFeb, 15th
Holocaust Memorial DayDan Secanja Na Žrtve HolokaustaApr, 22nd
Labor DayPraznik radaMay, 1st
Victory DayDan pobedeMay, 9th
Saint Vitus DayVidovdanJun, 6th

Moving Holidays in Serbia

holidayLocal name20202021202220232024
Great Friday (Good Friday)Veliki PetakApr, 17thApr, 30thApr, 22ndApr, 14thMay, 3rd
Big Saturday (Holy Saturday)Velika SubotaApr, 18thMay, 1stApr, 23rdApr, 15thMay, 4th
EasterUskrsApr, 19thMay, 2ndApr, 24thApr, 16thMay, 5th