Spread of Sikhism

Sikhism is a still quite young monotheistic religion, which only emerged in India around 15th century AD. Accordingly, India is still today the main area of distribution with about 26 million followers.

The goal of Sikhism is the attainment of spiritual wisdom. Deviating from the Hinduism, which is also predominant in India, there is no asceticism in Sikhism, so material needs are quite accepted. Sikhs also dissociated themselves from all superstition and religious rites.
Distribution Sikhism
India1.7 %23,688,000
United States1.6 %5,310,000
Canada1.4 %535,000
United Kingdom0.4 %236,000
Australia0.5 %129,000
Malaysia0.3 %98,000
Thailand0.1 %70,000
Italy0.1 %59,000
New Zealand0.8 %41,000
Hong Kong0.1 %7,000
Fiji0.3 %3,000