Public Holidays

Public holidays in the Kosovo 2021-2025

The fact that Islam largely dominates Kosovo can be quickly seen from the holidays. The Feast of Sacrifice and the day of the breaking of the fast are the two most important days in the Kosovar calendar. With Good Friday, Easter Sunday and a Christmas day, even Christians do not go out completely empty.

Conspicuous are the days dedicated to the surrounding countries. Here you can see the history of the country, which was part of Serbia until 2008 and whose inhabitants often have their roots in several Balkan states. Especially remarkable is the Europe Day, which is celebrated by law. The Kosovars thus demonstrate their affiliation, although Kosovo is (still) hardly a member of any international alliance.

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Non-movable holidays

Non-statutory holidays are written in gray.

Jan, 1stNew Year's Day
Feb, 15thAshkali's Day
Feb, 17thIndependence Day
Mar, 6thVeteran's Day
Apr, 8thRoma Day
Apr, 23rdDay of the Turks
May, 1stLabor Day
May, 6thDay of the Gorans
May, 9thEurope Day
Jun, 12thDay of Peace
Jun, 15thConstitution Day
Sep, 28thBosniak Day
Nov, 28thDay of the Albanians
Dec, 25thChirstmas

Moving Holidays in the Kosovo

Good FridayApr, 2ndApr, 15thApr, 7thMar, 29thApr, 18th
Easter SundayApr, 4thApr, 17thApr, 9thMar, 31stApr, 20th
Easter MondayApr, 5thApr, 18thApr, 10thApr, 1stApr, 21st
Mother's DayMay, 9thMay, 8thMay, 14thMay, 12thMay, 11th
Day of breaking the fastMay, 12thMay, 2ndApr, 21stApr, 9thMar, 30th
Father's DayJun, 6thJun, 5thJun, 4thJun, 2ndJun, 1st
Festival of SacrificeJul, 19thJul, 9thJun, 28thJun, 16thJun, 6th

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