Public Holidays

Public holidays in Finland 2021-2025

Easter and Christmas are the lynchpin of most holidays, even in predominantly Christian Finland.

As in most other northern countries, there is a special feature here, in contrast to more southern countries: the Midsummer Festival. It is celebrated on the respective Saturday of the summer solstice.

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Non-movable holidays

Non-statutory holidays are written in gray.

holidayLocal namedate
New Year's DayUudenvuodenpäiväJan, 1st
EpiphanyLoppiainenJan, 6th
Knut's DayKnutstagJan, 13th
Runeberg's DayRuneberginpäiväFeb, 5th
Finnish Culture DayKalevalaFeb, 28th
Finnish Language DayAgricolaApr, 9th
May HolidayVappuMay, 1st
Day of Finnish LiteratureAleksiskiviOct, 10th
All Saints' DayPyhäinpäiväNov, 1st
Swedish DayRuotsinpäiväNov, 6th
Independence DayItsenäisyyspäiväDec, 6th
Lucia's DayLuciapäiväDec, 13th
Christmas EveJouluaattoDec, 24th
Christmas DayJoulupäiväDec, 25th
Boxing DayTapaninpäiväDec, 26th

Moving Holidays in Finland

holidayLocal name20212022202320242025
ShrovetideLaskiainenFeb, 23rdMar, 8thFeb, 28thFeb, 20thMar, 11th
Good FridayPitkäperjantaiApr, 2ndApr, 15thApr, 7thMar, 29thApr, 18th
Easter SundayPääsiäispäiväApr, 4thApr, 17thApr, 9thMar, 31stApr, 20th
Easter MondayPääsiäispäiväApr, 5thApr, 18thApr, 10thApr, 1stApr, 21st
Ascension of ChristHelatorstaiMay, 13thMay, 26thMay, 18thMay, 9thMay, 29th
Whit SundayHelluntaiMay, 23rdJun, 5thMay, 28thMay, 19thJun, 8th
Midsummer DayJuhannusJun, 21stJun, 21stJun, 21stJun, 20thJun, 21st
Midsummer festivalJuhannusaattoJun, 26thJun, 25thJun, 24thJun, 22ndJun, 21st
Father's DayIsänpäiväNov, 14thNov, 13thNov, 12thNov, 10thNov, 9th
Winter SolsticeJouluDec, 21stDec, 21stDec, 22ndDec, 21stDec, 21st