Public Holidays

Public holidays in Russia 2020-2024

The most important difference between the Russian holiday calendar and ours is the postponement of Christian events. The Russian Orthodox Church calculates its holidays according to the Julian calendar, which is a little more accurate in relation to the Earth's orbit around the Sun. Therefore there is a shift of e.g. Christmas by about 13 days. Pentecost, on the other hand, is not known at all, and Easter is also not a legal holiday.

Another special feature is the state-regulated optimization of bridge days and the maximization of non-working days: If a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, there is a non-working day as a substitute. By postponing days off, the government also ensures that as many days off as possible are linked and that employees have as many days off as possible. As compensation for this, 6-day weeks are also used.

The amount of non-legal holidays, but often military commemoration days in Russia, may surprise. In addition (but not listed here) there are numerous non-statutory holidays for almost every occupational group.

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Non-movable holidays

Non-statutory holidays are written in gray.

1st New Year's DayJan, 1st
2nd New Year's DayJan, 2nd
3rd New Year's DayJan, 3rd
4th New Year's DayJan, 4th
5th New Year's DayJan, 5th
Russian Orthodox ChristmasJan, 7th
New Year (Julian calendar)Jan, 14th
EpiphanyJan, 19th
Day of the lifting of the Leningrad blockade 1944Jan, 27th
Day of the Battle of Stalingrad 1943Feb, 2nd
Father's DayFeb, 23rd
Day of the Defender of the FatherlandFeb, 23rd
Women's DayMar, 8th
Day of International UnderstandingApr, 2nd
AnnunciationApr, 7th
Day of the Battle on Lake Peipus 1242Apr, 18th
Memorial Day for the deceased in nuclear accidentsApr, 26th
Labor DayMay, 1st
Victory Day over Fascism 1945May, 9th
Day of the MuseumsMay, 18th
Slavic Scripture and Culture DayMay, 24th
Day of Border Troops of RussiaMay, 28th
Puschkin's DayJun, 6th
Day of RussiaJun, 12th
Day of remembrance and mourningJun, 22nd
Youth's DayJun, 27th
All Saints' DayJul, 2nd
Day of the Battle of Poltava 1709Jul, 10th
Day of the baptism of RusJul, 28th
Day of the Battle of Cape Gangut 1714Aug, 9th
Day of the Russian flagAug, 22nd
Day of the Battle of Kursk 1943Aug, 23rd
Day of the Battle of Borodino 1812Sep, 8th
Day of the Battle of Tendra 1790Sep, 11th
Day of the Battle of Kulikovo Polje 1380Sep, 21st
Day of the elderlyOct, 1st
Memorial Day for the victims of political repressionOct, 30th
Day of the Unity of the PeopleNov, 4th
Day of the October Revolution of 1917Nov, 7th
Artillerymen's DayNov, 19th
Day of the naval battle at Sinop 1853Dec, 1st
Day of the counterattack, Battle of Moscow 1941Dec, 5th
Constitution DayDec, 12th
Strategic Rocket Patrol DayDec, 17th
Intelligence DayDec, 20th
New Year's EveDec, 31st

Moving Holidays in Russia

Beginning of the Russian Orthodox LentMar, 2ndMar, 15thMar, 7thFeb, 27thMar, 18th
Russian CarnivalMar, 3rdMar, 16thMar, 8thFeb, 28thMar, 19th
Air Defense DayApr, 12thApr, 11thApr, 10thApr, 9thApr, 14th
Easter Sunday (Russian Orthodox)Apr, 19thMay, 2ndApr, 24thApr, 16thMay, 5th
Day of the NavyJul, 26thJul, 25thJul, 31stJul, 30thJul, 28th
Day of the Tank TroopsSep, 13thSep, 12thSep, 11thSep, 10thSep, 8th
Mother's DayNov, 29thNov, 28thNov, 27thNov, 26thNov, 24th