Public holidays in Turkey 2018-2022

Many holidays in Turkey are now based on the Gregorian calendar. The main holidays such as Ramadan or the Feast of Sacrifice are calculated according to the Islamic lunar calendar. The lunar year is a little shorter than the solar year and therefore there are always slightly different days according to the western calendar. This interval is 10-11 days per year, so that these festivals can take place in any season.

The sacrificial festival in Turkey generally lasts 4 days. The festival of breaking the fast, also called "Sugar Festival", lasts 3 days. We have only indicated the beginning of these holidays. Ramadan itself, as Lent, lasts one lunar cycle and lies directly before the Sugar Festival.

In most Islamic festivals it is common to include the evening before.

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Non-movable holidays

Non-statutory holidays are written in gray.

holidayLocal namedate
New Year's DayYılbaşıJan 1
National Sovereignty and Child DayUlusal Egemenlik ve Çocuk BayramıApr 23
Labor and Solidarity DayTag der Arbeit und SolidaritätMay 1
Holiday of youth, sport and commemoration of AtatürkAtatürk´ü Anma, Gençlik ve Spor BayramıMay 19
Holiday of victoryZafer BayramıAug 30
Liberation Day of İzmirKurtuluş SavaşıSep 9
Veteran's DayGaziler GünüSep 19
Day of the RepublicCumhuriyet BayramıOct 29
Atatürk's day of deathNov 10
Teacher's DayÖğretmenler GünüNov 24

Movable Holidays in Turkey

holidayLocal name20182019202020212022
Night Journey of the ProphetApr 12Apr 2Mar 21Mar 10Feb 28
Night of forgivenessLailat al-Barā'aApr 29Apr 19Apr 7Mar 27Mar 17
Mother's DayMay 13May 12May 10May 9May 8
Beginning of RamadanRamazanMay 16May 6Apr 24Apr 13Apr 3
Festival of breaking the fastRamazan BayramıJun 14Jun 4May 23May 12May 2
Father's DayJun 17Jun 16Jun 21Jun 20Jun 19
Feast of sacrificeKurban BayramıAug 21Aug 11Jul 30Jul 19Jul 9
Islamic New YearSep 11Aug 31Aug 19Aug 9Jul 29
Death of the 3rd Imam HusainAshuraSep 20Sep 9Aug 28Aug 18Aug 7
Birthday of the Prophet MuhammadMawlid an-NabiNov 20Nov 9Oct 28Oct 18Oct 7