Public Holidays

Public holidays in Canada

At first glance, the list of public holidays in Canada looks quite extensive. Due to the enormous size of the country and the regional and political peculiarities associated with it, there are numerous holidays that only apply regionally. In order to unify the chaos, holidays of different regions were put on a uniform calendar day at least. For example, Victoria Day (on the Monday before 25 May) is named differently in the individual federal states. So in the end something different is celebrated, but on the same day.

By the way, Whitsun is hardly known in Canada. It is only celebrated in individual Christian communities.

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Non-movable holidays

Non-statutory holidays are written in gray.

DateholidayLocal name
Jan. 1stNew Year's DayNew Year’s Day
Jan. 6thEpiphanyHoly Three Kings
Feb. 2ndGroundhog DayGroundhog Day
Feb. 16thFamily's DayFamily Day
March 17thMemorial Day of Bishop PatrickSt. Patrick's Day
June 21stIndigenous DayNational Aboriginal Day
June 22ndDiscovery of Newfoundland and Labrador (regional only)Discovery Day
June 24thSaint-Jean-Baptiste (nur Quebec)St. Jean Baptiste Day
July 1stNational holidayCanada Day
July 9thNunavut Regional HolidayNunavut Day
July 31stNewfoundland and LabradorOrangemen's Day
Nov. 11thMemorial Day of the Victims of the WarRemembrance Day
Dec. 24thChristmas EveChristmas Eve
Dec. 25thChristmas DayChristmas Day
Dec. 26thBoxing DayBoxing Day
Dec. 31stNew Year's EveNew Year's Eve

Moving Holidays in Canada

holidayLocal name20222023202420252026
Commemoration Day Louis Riel (only in Manitoba)Louis Riel DayFeb. 21stFeb. 20thFeb. 19thFeb. 17thFeb. 16th
Islanders' Day (Prince Edward only)Islander DayFeb. 21stFeb. 20thFeb. 19thFeb. 17thFeb. 16th
Ash WednesdayAsh WednesdayMarch 2ndFeb. 22ndFeb. 14thMarch 5thFeb. 18th
Good FridayGood FridayApril 15thApril 7thMarch 29thApril 18thApril 3rd
Easter SundayEaster SundayApril 17thApril 9thMarch 31stApril 20thApril 5th
Easter MondayEaster MondayApril 18thApril 10thApril 1stApril 21stApril 6th
Mother's DayMother's DayMay 8thMay 14thMay 12thMay 11thMay 10th
Birthday of the MonarchVictoria DayMay 23rdMay 22ndMay 20thMay 19thMay 18th
Patriot Day (Quebec only)National Patriots' DayMay 23rdMay 22ndMay 20thMay 19thMay 18th
Ascension of ChristAscension DayMay 26thMay 18thMay 9thMay 29thMay 14th
Whit SundayWhit SundayJune 5thMay 28thMay 19thJune 8thMay 24th
Whit MondayWhit MondayJune 6thMay 29thMay 20thJune 9thMay 25th
Father's DayFather's DayJune 19thJune 18thJune 16thJune 15thJune 21st
August holidayCivic HolidayAug. 1stAug. 7thAug. 5thAug. 4thAug. 3rd
Discovery of Yukon (Yukon only)Discovery DayAug. 1stAug. 7thAug. 5thAug. 4thAug. 3rd
Labor DayLabour DaySept. 5thSept. 4thSept. 2ndSept. 1stSept. 7th
ThanksgivingThanksgivingNov. 24thNov. 23rdNov. 28thNov. 27thNov. 26th

Victoria Day

Public Holidays Canada was a British colony and still belongs to the Commonwealth of Nations. The Monday before 25 May is considered a public and non-working holiday throughout Canada in honour of Queen Victoria (24 May 1819). By the way, Canada is the only country that does not celebrate the birthday of the current Queen, but of the kings who also proclaimed the British Empire.

Victoria Day is not celebrated throughout the country on this Monday, but an equally regional day, which varies from region to region. While the British Queen is honoured in Ontario, the neighbouring state of Quebec celebrates National Patriots Day. Thus, the whole of Canada has a public holiday on this day, while at the same time one is careful to limit the number of different days.

The occasion may vary regionally, but the celebrations are less so. Throughout the country, parades, concerts and horse shows are held on Victoria Day. Families gather for a picnic in the park in view of the warmer season. Schools. Post offices, libraries and government offices are closed throughout the country, although many shops are still open at least by the hour. Tourists should avoid longer distances on this weekend, as the long weekend means that many Canadians are on the road, the roads are congested and the ferries are fully booked.
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