Airports and airlines on the Maldives

For the 7 biggest airports on the Maldives we provided further information. Alone at Malé International Airport operate 28 airlines to and from 29 destinations.

The biggest national airlines is Maldivian Air Taxi out of a total of 3. It is leading the list with 19 flight destinations. › The largest airports worldwide

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The biggest airports on the Maldives

MLEMalé International AirportMalé2829
GANGan International AirportGan13
HAQHanimaadhoo AirportHaa Dhaalu Atoll12
KDOKadhdhoo AirportKadhdhoo12
GKKKooddoo AirportHuvadhu Atoll12
KDMKaadedhdhoo AirportHuvadhu Atoll12
DRVDharavandhoo AirportBaa Atoll12

The biggest airlines based on the Maldives

8QMaldivian Air Taxi19
Q2Island Aviation (Maldivian)12
VQIFlyme (VP)1