Public Holidays

Public holidays in China 2021-2025

In China, all western holidays are well known, but with the exception of New Year's Day, there are no public holidays. Due to the lack of publicity, Christian holidays have been pushed into the background, even in public life.

The traditional and most important events of the year are not calculated according to the Gregorian calendar, but according to the Chinese lunar calendar, which is also often called the "peasant calendar".

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Non-movable holidays

Non-statutory holidays are written in gray.

Jan, 1stNew Year’s Day
Mar, 8thWomen's Day (regional only)
Mar, 12thArbor Day
May, 4thYouth Day (regional only)
Jun, 1stChildren's day (regional only)
Jul, 1stFoundation Day of the Communist Party
Jul, 11thDay of the Sea
Aug, 1stFoundation Day of the People's Liberation Army
Sep, 10thTeacher's Day (regional only)
Oct, 1stNational holiday (3 days off)
Dec, 25thChristmas Day

Moving Holidays in China

Lunar New Year's DayFeb, 12thFeb, 1stJan, 22ndFeb, 10thJan, 29th
Lantern FestivalFeb, 26thFeb, 15thFeb, 5thFeb, 24thFeb, 12th
Zhonghe FestivalMar, 14thMar, 4thFeb, 21stMar, 11thMar, 1st
Good FridayApr, 2ndApr, 15thApr, 7thMar, 29thApr, 18th
Easter SundayApr, 4thApr, 17thApr, 9thMar, 31stApr, 20th
Tomb-SweepingApr, 4thApr, 5thApr, 5thApr, 4thApr, 4th
Easter MondayApr, 5thApr, 18thApr, 10thApr, 1stApr, 21st
Labour DayMay, 1stMay, 1stMay, 1stMay, 1stMay, 1st
Mother's DayMay, 9thMay, 8thMay, 14thMay, 12thMay, 11th
Buddha's BirthdayMay, 19thMay, 8thMay, 26thMay, 15thMay, 5th
Dragon Boat FestivalJun, 14thJun, 3rdJun, 22ndJun, 10thMay, 31st
Father's DayJun, 20thJun, 19thJun, 18thJun, 16thJun, 15th
Feast of loversAug, 14thAug, 4thAug, 22ndAug, 10thAug, 29th
Ghost FestivalAug, 22ndAug, 12thAug, 30thAug, 18thSep, 6th
Mid-Autumn FestivalSep, 21stSep, 10thSep, 29thSep, 17thOct, 6th
Confucius' BirthdayOct, 1stSep, 20thOct, 9thSep, 27thOct, 16th
Chongyang FestivalOct, 14thOct, 4thOct, 23rdOct, 11thOct, 29th
Winter SolsticeDec, 21stDec, 22ndDec, 22ndDec, 21stDec, 21st
Laba FeastJan, 10thDec, 30thJan, 18thJan, 7thJan, 26th

For all holidays, please note that although our table shows the dates of the respective holidays, the corresponding non-working days may occasionally differ. For example, the Chinese government determines for each year when the national holiday is celebrated. In 2021, this is not on October 1, but on October 10 and 11. Also on other holidays, bridge days or weekends are often "shifted" to allow longer vacation periods or to compensate for missing working days.
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