Transport and infrastructure in Switzerland

Our listing of the primary kinds of transport compares the infrastructure of Switzerland with the average of all countries in Europa. The net of streets and highways has a total length of 71,464 km. Theoretically, this is 8.46 meter for each of the 8 millions inhabitants of the country. Switzerland hereby ranks 64th in a worldwide comparison.

With a length of 0.67 meters of railway tracks per person Switzerland come 22nd worldwide.

The given length of waterways and number of harbours are only refered to inland traffic on rivers and canals. There is no direct access to the open sea in Switzerland.

Airports in Switzerland

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  totalper 1 mio
per km2 total per 1 mio
per km2
Roadways 71,500 km8,456.43 km1,730.77 m 6,835,800 km11,360.96 km1,089.41 m
Railroads 5,700 km668.81 km136.88 m 273,800 km455.05 km43.63 m
Waterways 1,300 km152.88 km31.29 m 53,100 km88.31 km8.47 m
Commercial harbors 364.260.001 15,62725.970.002
Airports 637.451.526 3,7556.240.001