Public Holidays

Public holidays in Vietnam

The Vietnamese holiday calendar is dominated by a conspicuous number of New Year's days. Both the Western New Year in the Gregorian calendar and the Chinese New Year are celebrated. The Vietnamese New Year festival follows seamlessly and lasts for 5 days. Apart from a few days of remembrance, the year is almost free of public holidays.

This shows that both the Chinese lunar calendar and the Gregorian calendar determine the country. Christian holidays like here are not celebrated at all. Work-free days are made up on the next working day if the holiday itself falls on a weekend.

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Non-movable holidays

Non-statutory holidays are written in gray.

Jan. 1stNew Year’s Day
March 8thInternational Women's Day
March 10thHung Vuongs Remembrance Day
April 30thLiberation Day
May 2ndLabour Day
May 19thHo Chi Minh's Birthday
June 28thFamily Day
Sept. 2ndIndependence Day
Sept. 3rdHo Chi Minh's Death
Oct. 20thVietnamese Women's Day
Nov. 20thTeacher's Day
Dec. 25thChristmas Day
Dec. 26thBoxing Day
Dec. 31stNew Year’s Eve

Moving Holidays in Vietnam

Vietnamese New Year's Day (preparations)Jan. 31stJan. 21stFeb. 9thJan. 28thFeb. 16th
Chinese New Year's DayFeb. 1stJan. 22ndFeb. 10thJan. 29thFeb. 17th
Vietnamese New Year's DayFeb. 2ndJan. 23rdFeb. 11thJan. 30thFeb. 18th
2. Vietnamese New Year's DayFeb. 3rdJan. 24thFeb. 12thJan. 31stFeb. 19th
3. Vietnamese New Year's DayFeb. 4thJan. 25thFeb. 13thFeb. 1stFeb. 20th
4. Vietnamese New Year's DayFeb. 5thJan. 26thFeb. 14thFeb. 2ndFeb. 21st
5. Vietnamese New Year's DayFeb. 6thJan. 27thFeb. 15thFeb. 3rdFeb. 22nd
Day of Hùng KingsApril 10thApril 29thApril 18thApril 7thApril 26th
Father's DayJune 19thJune 18thJune 16thJune 15thJune 21st
Mother's DayAug. 12thAug. 30thAug. 18thSept. 6thAug. 27th

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