Public Holidays

Public holidays in Israel 2021-2025

In the Christian world, most holidays are oriented towards Easter or Christmas. But also in other countries far away from home there is enough reason to celebrate.

Not all holidays are statuted by law - and those that are, do not necessarily mean a day off in all regions of Israel. Rather, it is often up to the respective parts of the country whether the holiday is also a day off.

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Moving Holidays in Israel

Non-statutory holidays are written in gray.

holidayLocal name20212022202320242025
New year festival of trees and bushesTu biSchevatJan, 28thJan, 17thFeb, 6thJan, 25thFeb, 13th
Fast of EstherTa'anit EstherFeb, 25thFeb, 14thMar, 6thFeb, 22ndMar, 13th
Salvation from PersiaPurimFeb, 26thFeb, 15thMar, 7thFeb, 23rdMar, 14th
Exodus from EgyptPessachMar, 28thApr, 16thApr, 6thApr, 23rdApr, 13th
Exodus from Egypt (day 2)Pessach (2)Mar, 29thApr, 17thApr, 7thApr, 24thApr, 14th
Exodus from Egypt (day 3)Pessach (3)Mar, 30thApr, 18thApr, 8thApr, 25thApr, 15th
Exodus from Egypt (day 4)Pessach (4)Mar, 31stApr, 19thApr, 9thApr, 26thApr, 16th
Exodus from Egypt (day 5)Pessach (5)Apr, 1stApr, 20thApr, 10thApr, 27thApr, 17th
Exodus from Egypt (day 6)Pessach (6)Apr, 2ndApr, 21stApr, 11thApr, 28thApr, 18th
Exodus from Egypt (day 7)Pessach (7)Apr, 3rdApr, 22ndApr, 12thApr, 29thApr, 19th
Holocaust Memorial DayJom haScho'aApr, 8thApr, 27thApr, 17thMay, 4thApr, 24th
Memorial Day of Israeli soldiersJom haZikaronApr, 14thMay, 3rdApr, 23rdMay, 10thApr, 30th
Independence DayJom haAtzma'utApr, 15thMay, 4thApr, 24thMay, 11thMay, 1st
Bar Kochba uprisingLag baOmerApr, 30thMay, 19thMay, 9thMay, 26thMay, 16th
ThanksgivingSchawuotMay, 17thJun, 5thMay, 26thJun, 12thJun, 2nd
Thanksgiving (day 2)Schawuot (2)May, 18thJun, 6thMay, 27thJun, 13thJun, 3rd
Destruction of the Temple in JerusalemTischa beAvJul, 18thAug, 6thJul, 27thAug, 13thAug, 3rd
Victory of the Pharisees over the SadduceesTu B’AvJul, 24thAug, 12thAug, 2ndAug, 19thAug, 9th
Jewish New YearRosch ha-SchanaSep, 7thSep, 26thSep, 16thOct, 3rdSep, 23rd
2nd New Year's DayRosch ha-Schana (2)Sep, 8thSep, 27thSep, 17thOct, 4thSep, 24th
Day of AtonementJom KippurSep, 16thOct, 5thSep, 25thOct, 12thOct, 2nd
Feast of TabernaclesSukkotSep, 21stOct, 10thSep, 30thOct, 17thOct, 7th
Feast of Tabernacles (day 2)Sukkot (2)Sep, 22ndOct, 11thOct, 1stOct, 18thOct, 8th
Feast of Tabernacles (day 3)Sukkot (3)Sep, 23rdOct, 12thOct, 2ndOct, 19thOct, 9th
Feast of Tabernacles (day 4)Sukkot (4)Sep, 24thOct, 13thOct, 3rdOct, 20thOct, 10th
Feast of Tabernacles (day 5)Sukkot (5)Sep, 25thOct, 14thOct, 4thOct, 21stOct, 11th
Feast of Tabernacles (day 6)Sukkot (6)Sep, 26thOct, 15thOct, 5thOct, 22ndOct, 12th
Feast of Tabernacles + Palm FestivalSukkot + Hoschana RabbaSep, 27thOct, 16thOct, 6thOct, 23rdOct, 13th
Eighth day of AssemblySchmini AzeretSep, 28thOct, 17thOct, 7thOct, 24thOct, 14th
Rejoicing of the TorahSimchat ToraSep, 29thOct, 18thOct, 8thOct, 25thOct, 15th
Entry into IsraelYom HaAliyahOct, 13thNov, 1stOct, 22ndNov, 8thOct, 29th
Festival of LightsChanukkaNov, 29thDec, 19thDec, 8thDec, 26thDec, 15th
Festival of Lights (day 2)Chanukka (2)Nov, 30thDec, 20thDec, 9thDec, 27thDec, 16th
Festival of Lights (day 3)Chanukka (3)Dec, 1stDec, 21stDec, 10thDec, 28thDec, 17th
Festival of Lights (day 4)Chanukka (4)Dec, 2ndDec, 22ndDec, 11thDec, 29thDec, 18th
Festival of Lights (day 5)Chanukka (5)Dec, 3rdDec, 23rdDec, 12thDec, 30thDec, 19th
Festival of Lights (day 6)Chanukka (6) + Rosch ChodeschDec, 4thDec, 24thDec, 13thDec, 31stDec, 20th
Festival of Lights (day 7)Chanukka (7)Dec, 5thDec, 25thDec, 13thJan, 1stJan, 1st
Festival of Lights (day 8)Chanukka (8)Dec, 6thDec, 26thDec, 14thJan, 1stJan, 2nd

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