Timezone and DST in Morocco

Timezones are always computed by their difference to UTC, the "Universal Time Coordinated". In Morocco there is only a single tonezone at UTC+0. For example, New York is currently at UTC-5 in Eastern Time, so the time difference between New York and Morocco is 5 hours.

The next clock change in Morocco will be on March 19th, 2023 at 1:00 to daylight saving time. The clocks are then set back one hour.

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Current time in all regions of Morocco:
January 2023

The Ramadan Time in Morocco

Morocco has a very special time zone: Ramadan time. Normally, the clocks are set forward one hour for daylight saving time, so that it is light longer in the evening. Here, however, it is the other way around and, moreover, daylight saving time is also only about a month short. Only during Ramadan are clocks turned back one hour to artificially shorten the day. During the fasting time one should fast during the day - thus until sunset. So with this special time, you shorten the daily fast because it gets dark earlier in the evening.

Only 1 nationwide time zone

Standard time:Western European Time (WET)
Daylight saving time:Ramadan time

Morocco has an east-west extension of 11.7 degrees of longitude. Given the country's location in Northern Africa, this corresponds to about 1100 kilometers. With this still relatively small extension, the course of the sun is only slightly different at various positions in the country. The position of the sun in the west of the country differs from that in the east by only about 47 minutes. This means the sun rises and sets 47 minutes later in the west than in the east.

The next clock changes in Morocco

DateLocal timeChange
Mar 19, 20231:00 am1 hour back to daylight saving time
Apr 30, 20234:00 am1 hour forward to winter time
Mar 10, 20241:00 am1 hour back to daylight saving time
Apr 14, 20244:00 am1 hour forward to winter time
Feb 23, 20251:00 am1 hour back to daylight saving time
Apr 06, 20254:00 am1 hour forward to winter time
Feb 15, 20261:00 am1 hour back to daylight saving time
Mar 22, 20264:00 am1 hour forward to winter time
Feb 07, 20271:00 am1 hour back to daylight saving time

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