Transport and infrastructure in Jordan

Our listing of the primary kinds of transport compares the infrastructure of Jordan with the European Union's average. The net of streets and highways has a total length of 7,203 km. Theoretically, this is 0.76 meter for each of the 9 millions inhabitants of the country. Jordan hereby ranks 209th in a worldwide comparison.

With a length of 0.05 meters of railway tracks per person Jordan come 105th worldwide.

Airports in Jordan

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  totalper 1 mio
per km2 total per 1 mio
per km2
Roadways 7,200 km761.75 km80.64 m 6,817,900 km11,347.03 km1,129.91 m
Railroads 500 km53.62 km5.68 m 279,700 km465.54 km46.36 m
Waterways 0 km0.00 km0.00 m 53,100 km88.44 km8.81 m
Commercial harbors 121.270.000 8,32813.860.001
Airports 181.900.202 3,7556.250.001