UEMOA - Economic and Monetary Community of West Africa

The UEMOA is a trade agreement of currently 8 countries in Western Africa.

All member states comprise a total area of 3.51 million km² and about 127.11 million people. This is 2.3% of the habitable area around the world and 1.66% of the world population.
Benin1994Western Africa115,000 km²11.80 M
Burkina Faso1994Western Africa274,000 km²20.32 M
Guinea-Bissau1997Western Africa36,000 km²1.92 M
Ivory Coast1994Western Africa322,000 km²25.72 M
Mali1994Western Africa1,240,000 km²19.66 M
Niger1994Western Africa1,267,000 km²23.31 M
Senegal1994Western Africa197,000 km²16.30 M
Togo1994Western Africa57,000 km²8.08 M