Members of the NAFTA:
North American Free Trade Agreement

The NAFTA is a trade agreement of currently 3 countries in North America and in Central America.

All member states comprise a total area of 21.78 million km² and about 496.42 million people. This is 14.4% of the habitable area around the world and 6.4% of the world population. With an economic output of 23,656.80 tn US dollars annually, they represent around 28 percent of the global economy.

Map of member countries: NAFTA - North American Free Trade Agreement

Canada199438.01 M9,985,000 km²
Mexico1994128.93 M1,964,000 km²
United States1994329.48 M9,832,000 km²

Dependent territories

Some of the above-mentioned Member States have other external territories dependent on them. These are not independent states, but they do have some economic and political autonomy. The treaties concluded by the NAFTA apply to them at least in part. These countries are not listed as official member states.

American SamoaPolynesiaselbstregiertes Territorium der USA
GuamMicronesiaselbstregiertes nicht-inkorporiertes Territorium der USA
Northern MarianasMicronesiaTerritory of the United States
Puerto RicoCaribbeannicht-inkorporiertes Territorium der USA
Virgin IslandsCaribbeanselbstregiertes Territorium der USA