Member states of the EEU:
Eurasian Economic Union

The EEU is a trade agreement of currently 5 countries mainly located in Eastern Europe and in Central Asia.

All member states comprise a total area of 20.26 million km² and about 181.45 million people. This is 13.4% of the habitable area around the world and 2.3% of the world population. With an economic output of 2,057.24 billion US dollars annually, they represent around 2.1 percent of the global economy. The value of all exported goods of these 5 countries was 672.50 billion US dollars per year at last count.

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Map of member countries: EEU - Eurasian Economic Union
Armenia01/02/20152.97 M30,000 km²13.86 bn US$
Belarus01/01/20159.34 M208,000 km²68.22 bn US$
Kazakhstan01/01/201519.00 M2,725,000 km²190.81 bn US$
Kyrgyzstan08/12/20156.69 M200,000 km²8.54 bn US$
Russia01/01/2015143.45 M17,098,000 km²1,775.80 bn US$