Members of the COMESSA:
Community of Sahel-Saharan States

The COMESSA is a trade agreement of currently 28 countries mainly located in Western Africa and in Eastern Africa.

All member states comprise a total area of 14.66 million km² and about 699.58 million people. This is 9.7% of the habitable area around the world and 9.0% of the world population. With an economic output of 1,384.12 bn US dollars annually, they represent around 2 percent of the global economy.

Map of member countries: COMESSA - Community of Sahel-Saharan States

Benin200212.12 M115,000 km²
Burkina Faso199820.90 M274,000 km²
Central Africa19994.83 M623,000 km²
Chad199816.43 M1,284,000 km²
Comoros20070.87 M1,861 km²
Djibouti20000.99 M23,000 km²
Egypt2001102.33 M1,001,000 km²
Eritrea19993.50 M118,000 km²
Gambia20002.42 M11,000 km²
Ghana200531.07 M239,000 km²
Guinea200713.13 M246,000 km²
Guinea-Bissau20041.97 M36,000 km²
Ivory Coast200426.38 M322,000 km²
Kenya200853.77 M580,000 km²
Liberia20045.06 M111,000 km²
Libya19986.87 M1,760,000 km²
Mali199820.25 M1,240,000 km²
Mauritania20084.65 M1,031,000 km²
Morocco200136.91 M447,000 km²
Niger199824.21 M1,267,000 km²
Nigeria2001206.14 M924,000 km²
Sao Tome and Principe20080.22 M960 km²
Senegal200016.74 M197,000 km²
Sierra Leone20057.98 M72,000 km²
Somalia200115.89 M638,000 km²
Sudan199843.85 M1,879,000 km²
Togo20028.28 M57,000 km²
Tunisia200111.82 M164,000 km²