Members of the COMESA:
Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa

The COMESA is a trade agreement of currently 21 countries mainly located in Eastern Africa and in Northern Africa.

All member states comprise a total area of 11.78 million km² and about 597.59 million people. This is 7.8% of the habitable area around the world and 7.7% of the world population. With an economic output of 848.45 bn US dollars annually, they represent around 1 percent of the global economy.

Map of member countries: COMESA - Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa

Burundi198111.89 M28,000 km²
Comoros19810.87 M1,861 km²
Congo (Dem. Republic)198189.56 M2,345,000 km²
Djibouti19810.99 M23,000 km²
Egypt1999102.33 M1,001,000 km²
Eritrea19943.50 M118,000 km²
Eswatini19811.16 M17,000 km²
Ethiopia1981114.96 M1,104,000 km²
Kenya198153.77 M580,000 km²
Libya20056.87 M1,760,000 km²
Madagascar198127.69 M587,000 km²
Malawi198119.13 M118,000 km²
Mauritius19811.27 M2,040 km²
Rwanda198112.95 M26,000 km²
Seychelles20010.10 M460 km²
Somalia201815.89 M638,000 km²
Sudan198143.85 M1,879,000 km²
Tunisia201811.82 M164,000 km²
Uganda198145.74 M242,000 km²
Zambia198118.38 M753,000 km²
Zimbabwe198114.86 M391,000 km²

Former member countries

Angola200732.87 M1,247,000 km²
Lesotho19972.14 M30,000 km²
Mozambique199731.26 M786,000 km²
Namibia20042.54 M824,000 km²
Tanzania200059.73 M947,000 km²