COMESA - Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa

The COMESA is a trade agreement of currently 21 countries mainly located in Eastern Africa and in Northern Africa.

All member states comprise a total area of 11.78 million km² and about 582.92 million people. This is 7.8% of the habitable area around the world and 7.6% of the world population.
Burundi1981Eastern Africa28,000 km²11.53 M
Comoros1981Eastern Africa1,861 km²0.85 M
Democratic Republic of the Congo1981Central Africa2,345,000 km²86.79 M
Djibouti1981Eastern Africa23,000 km²0.97 M
Egypt1999Northern Africa1,001,000 km²100.39 M
Eritrea1994Eastern Africa118,000 km²3.50 M
Ethiopia1981Eastern Africa1,104,000 km²112.08 M
Kenya1981Eastern Africa580,000 km²52.57 M
Libya2005Northern Africa1,760,000 km²6.78 M
Madagascar1981Eastern Africa587,000 km²26.97 M
Malawi1981Eastern Africa118,000 km²18.63 M
Mauritius1981Eastern Africa2,040 km²1.27 M
Rwanda1981Eastern Africa26,000 km²12.63 M
Seychelles2001Eastern Africa460 km²0.10 M
Somalia2018Eastern Africa638,000 km²15.44 M
Sudan1981Northern Africa1,879,000 km²42.81 M
Swaziland1981Southern Africa17,000 km²1.15 M
Tunisia2018Northern Africa164,000 km²11.69 M
Uganda1981Eastern Africa242,000 km²44.27 M
Zambia1981Eastern Africa753,000 km²17.86 M
Zimbabwe1981Eastern Africa391,000 km²14.65 M

Former member countries

Angola2007Central Africa1,247,000 km²31.83 M
Lesotho1997Southern Africa30,000 km²2.13 M
Mozambique1997Eastern Africa786,000 km²30.37 M
Namibia2004Southern Africa824,000 km²2.49 M
Tanzania2000Eastern Africa947,000 km²58.01 M