Members of the CEFTA:
Central European Free Trade Agreement

The CEFTA is a trade agreement of currently 7 countries in Southern Europe and in Eastern Europe.

All member states comprise a total area of 253,000 km² and about 19.98 million people. This is 0.17% of the habitable area around the world and 0.26% of the world population. With an economic output of 146.27 billion US dollars annually, they represent around 0.15 percent of the global economy. The value of all exported goods of these 7 countries was 68.29 billion US dollars per year at last count.

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Map of member countries: CEFTA - Central European Free Trade Agreement
Albania20072.81 M29,000 km²18.26 bn US$
Bosnia and Herzegovina20073.26 M51,000 km²22.57 bn US$
Kosovo20071.81 M11,000 km²9.01 bn US$
Moldova20072.57 M34,000 km²13.68 bn US$
Montenegro20070.62 M14,000 km²5.81 bn US$
North Macedonia20062.07 M26,000 km²13.88 bn US$
Serbia20076.84 M88,000 km²63.07 bn US$

Former member countries

Bulgaria20076.90 M111,000 km²80.27 bn US$
Croatia20133.90 M57,000 km²67.84 bn US$
Czechia200410.70 M79,000 km²282.34 bn US$
Hungary20049.71 M93,000 km²182.28 bn US$
Poland200437.78 M313,000 km²674.05 bn US$
Romania200719.12 M238,000 km²284.09 bn US$
Slovakia20045.45 M49,000 km²114.87 bn US$
Slovenia20042.11 M21,000 km²61.53 bn US$