CEFTA - Central European Free Trade Agreement

The CEFTA is a trade agreement of currently 7 countries in Southern Europe and in Eastern Europe.

All member states comprise a total area of 253,000 km² and about 20.26 million people. This is 0.17% of the habitable area around the world and 0.26% of the world population.
Albania2007Southern Europe29,000 km²2.85 M
Bosnia and Herzegovina2007Southern Europe51,000 km²3.30 M
Kosovo2007Southern Europe11,000 km²1.79 M
Moldova2007Eastern Europe34,000 km²2.66 M
Montenegro2007Southern Europe14,000 km²0.62 M
North Macedonia2006Southern Europe26,000 km²2.08 M
Serbia2007Southern Europe88,000 km²6.94 M

Former member countries

Bulgaria2007Eastern Europe111,000 km²6.98 M
Croatia2013Southern Europe57,000 km²4.07 M
Czechia2004Eastern Europe79,000 km²10.67 M
Hungary2004Eastern Europe93,000 km²9.77 M
Poland2004Eastern Europe313,000 km²37.97 M
Romania2007Eastern Europe238,000 km²19.36 M
Slovakia2004Eastern Europe49,000 km²5.45 M
Slovenia2004Southern Europe21,000 km²2.09 M