Pacific Standard Time (PST)

Even though the Pacific time zone is only used in individual regions of three countries, it is known worldwide due to the large metropolitan areas on the American west coast. It runs along the Pacific coast from Vancouver in Canada to Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and Baja California in Mexico.

Pacific Standard Time (PST) is 3 hours behind Eastern Standard Time on the Atlantic coast, 9 hours behind Central European Standard Time and a full 18 hours behind Sydney.

All three regions change in the summer at the same time to Pacific Daylight Time.

Current Pacific Daylight Time:
Saturday, June 03, 2023

Changeover to a uniformed daylight saving time

Since 2007, the changeover in the USA and Canada always takes place on the second Sunday in March to daylight saving time (PDT). On the first Sunday in November, it goes back one hour to standard time (PST). Compared to the previous arrangement, daylight saving time thus starts about two weeks earlier and ends one week earlier - so it's also 1 week longer. In Mexico's Pacific Time area, these dates have only been in effect since 2010, though the rest of Mexico uses different dates for the remaining time zones.

Unification also tests the geographic extent of the Pacific time zone. While the two US states of Washington and California are fully part of Pacific Time, this is no longer true for Alaska, Idaho, Nevada and Oregon. There, 2 time zones prevail within the same states. Also the Baja California, thus the Mexican peninsula belongs only with its northern half to the PST.

Canadian Yukon changed in the year 2020 from the PST to the "Mountain Time" (MST), to be one hour closer to the rest of the country. It's worth noting that Yukon is in the far west of Canada. Even the easternmost tip of the state is still further west than Tijuana in Baja California.

Countries width PST time

Pacific Standard Time applies to the following countries:

United States of AmericaLos AngelesPSTPDT


The time zones and times listed here are based on the IANA "Olsen" time zone database. Designations and their translations were adapted separately. Version used and update: Version 2022.4 on 11/27/2022.
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