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Comparison of the largest terrorist groups

The list of the most widespread terrorist groups is headed by the Taliban. They are followed by the Islamic State, Boko Haram und Al-Shabaab. In the years 2012 to 2016 alone, these 4 organisations carried out around 12,300 attacks and killed 63,983 people.

Overview: Terrorism

Comparison by country

Terrorist acts by group 2012 to 2016

TalibanAfghanistan, Pakistan4,63918,43220,9454,100
Islamic Stateworldwide4,46926,11327,57919,555
Boko HaramWestern Africa, Central Africa1,74716,0197,4252,601
Al-ShabaabEastern Africa1,4003,4193,7171,695
MaoistsIndia, Nepal1,070559526893
Donetsk People's RepublicUkraine249797567165
Abu SayyafPhilippines, Malaysia21491310255
Al-Nusrah FrontWestern Asia2111,9862,227710
Fulani extremistsNigeria, Central Africa14880812421
Garo National Liberation ArmyIndia130556471
Luhansk People's RepublicUkraine1117512367
Lashkar-e-JhangviPakistan, Afghanistan856661,195345
Free Syrian ArmyWestern Asia6622627484
Asa'ib Ahl al-HaqqIraq55913563
Anti-Balaka MilitiaCentral Africa, Cameroon5543316049
Sudan People's Liberation Movement - NorthSudan4326119444
SelekaCentral Africa, Cameroon3236380141
Haqqani NetworkAfghanistan, Pakistan30841380
Haftar MilitiaLibya251012203
Al-Naqshabandiya ArmyIraq241251160
Islamic FrontSyria, India261291186
Mayi MayiCongo (Dem. Republic)23373483
Muslim extremistsworldwide62751254
Popular Resistance CommitteesWestern Asia259557144
Peace at Home CouncilTurkey1777130
JundallahPakistan, Afghanistan162193380
Supporters of Abd Rabbuh Mansur HadiYemen147500
Shura Council of Benghazi RevolutionariesLibya12441050
Caucasus EmirateRussia12811490
Ijaw extremistsNigeria116300
Jaish al-AdlIran947235
Jihadi-inspired extremistsworldwide3216562110
Aleppo Fatah Operations RoomSyria8152800
Abdullah Azzam BrigadesWestern Asia, South Asia16492910
Mujahideen AnsarPakistan7842010
HezbollahWestern Asia, Eastern Europe172248800
Nur-al-Din al-Zinki MovementSyria5651080
David Yau Yau MilitiaSouth Sudan4919624
Mukhtar ArmyIraq4351300
United Front for Democracy Against DictatorshipThailand3211280
Islamic Unification MovementLebanon2473000
Ansar al-Din FrontSyria2206057
Islamic Movement for the Liberation of RajaSouth Sudan28450
Liwa al-HaqqSyria1401600
Kata'ib HezbollahIraq1496001,500
Individuals Tending Toward SavageryMexico1371010

All information sourced from the "National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism" (START) and its Global Terrorism Database. For the definition of a terrorist act see the introduction of our terrorism pages.