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The 29 largest airports and airlines in Vanuatu

Further information is provided on the 29 biggest airports in Vanuatu. At Bauerfield International Airport alone, 7 airlines operate and serve flights to and from 20 destinations.

The only airline of Vanuatu is Air Vanuatu and approaches 37 destinations. › The largest airports worldwide

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The 29 biggest airports in Vanuatu

VLIBauerfield International AirportPort Vila720
SONSanto Pekoa International AirportLuganville210
TAHTanna Airport15
ZGUGaua Island AirportGaua Island13
MTVMota Lava AirportAblow13
SLHSola AirportSola13
TOHTorres AirstripLoh/Linua13
EAESiwo AirportEmae Island11
CCVCraig Cove AirportCraig Cove13
LODLongana AirportLongana12
SSRSara AirportPentecost Island11
PBJTavie AirportPaama Island12
LPMLamap AirportLamap12
LNBLamen Bay AirportLamen Bay12
MWFMaewo-Naone AirportMaewo Island11
LNELonorore AirportLonorore13
NUSNorsup AirportNorsup15
TGHTongoa AirportTongoa Island11
ULBUléi AirportAmbryn Island13
VLSValesdir AirportEpi Island11
WLHWalaha AirportWalaha11
SWJSouthwest Bay AirportMalekula Island12
AUYAneityum AirportAnatom Island11
AWDAniwa AirportAniwa12
DLYDillon's Bay AirportDillon's Bay12
FTAFutuna AirportFutuna Island12
IPAIpota AirportIpota13
RCLRedcliffe AirportRedcliffen/an/a
OLJNorth West Santo AirportOlpoin/an/a

Freight volume

In 2021, a total of 436,547 ton-kilometers (= total mass transported in tons multiplied by kilometers traveled) of cargo was moved by air in Vanuatu.

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