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The 22 largest airports and airlines on the Solomon Islands

For the 22 biggest airports on the Solomon Islands we provided further information. Alone at Honiara International Airport operate 5 airlines to and from 21 destinations.

The only airline of the Solomon Islands is Solomon Airlines and approaches 21 destinations. › The largest airports worldwide

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The 22 biggest airports on the Solomon Islands

HIRHoniara International AirportHoniara521
MUAMunda Airport14
ATDUru Harbour AirportAtoifi11
BNYBellona/Anua AirportAnua12
CHYChoiseul Bay Airport11
FREFera/Maringe AirportFera Island12
IRANgorangora AirportKirakira13
SCZSanta Cruz/Graciosa Bay/Luova AirportSanta Cruz/Graciosa Bay/Luova11
GZONusatupe AirportGizo14
RNLRennell/Tingoa AirportRennell Island12
NNBSanta Ana AirportSanta Ana Island12
RUSMarau AirportMarau11
VAOSuavanao AirportSuavanao11
KGEKaghau AirportKagau Island12
RBVRamata AirportRamata12
AFTAfutara AerodromeBila00
AKSGwaunaru'u AirportAuki00
BASBallalae AirportBallalae00
MBUBabanakira AirportMbambanakira00
MNYMono AirportStirling Island00
XYAYandina AirportYandina00
GTAGatokae AirportGatokae00

The biggest airlines based on the Solomon Islands

IESolomon Airlines21

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