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The 22 largest airports and airlines on the Solomon Islands

Further information is provided on the 22 biggest airports on the Solomon Islands. At Honiara International Airport alone, 5 airlines operate and serve flights to and from 21 destinations.

The only airline of the Solomon Islands is Solomon Airlines and approaches 27 destinations. › The largest airports worldwide

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The 22 biggest airports on the Solomon Islands

HIRHoniara International AirportHoniara521
MUAMunda Airport14
ATDUru Harbour AirportAtoifi11
BNYBellona/Anua AirportAnua12
CHYChoiseul Bay Airport11
FREFera/Maringe AirportFera Island12
IRANgorangora AirportKirakira13
SCZSanta Cruz/Graciosa Bay/Luova AirportSanta Cruz/Graciosa Bay/Luova11
GZONusatupe AirportGizo14
RNLRennell/Tingoa AirportRennell Island12
NNBSanta Ana AirportSanta Ana Island12
RUSMarau AirportMarau11
VAOSuavanao AirportSuavanao11
KGEKaghau AirportKagau Island12
RBVRamata AirportRamata12
AFTAfutara AerodromeBilan/an/a
AKSGwaunaru'u AirportAukin/an/a
BASBallalae AirportBallalaen/an/a
MBUBabanakira AirportMbambanakiran/an/a
MNYMono AirportStirling Islandn/an/a
XYAYandina AirportYandinan/an/a
GTAGatokae AirportGatokaen/an/a

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