Earthquakes in Samoa Islands 2009, Samoa

Earthquakes in Samoa

In Samoa, there are very strong earthquakes with far-reaching consequences. Earthquakes with a magnitude of over 8.0 destroy numerous houses within a radius of several hundred kilometers and are causing great damage and devastation. Due to the special tectonic situation of the country, there are more earthquakes than average.

Other natural hazards in Samoa:
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Most recent events

This list includes the strongest earthquakes recorded in or around Samoa by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in the past 14 days. Whether an event is listed here depends largely on its magnitude, but also on its distance from inhabited areas. All data refer to the local time. This page is updated daily at 11 am UTC.

Recent earthquakes in Samoa
  • Jan. 20, 4:11 pm
    Magnitude 4.9: 117 km east-northeast of Hihifo, Tonga at a depth of ten km.
  • Jan. 17, 10:38 pm
    Magnitude 4.9: Samoa Islands at a depth of ten km.

Earthquakes in Samoa since 1950

Earthquakes in Samoa Islands 2009, SamoaThe strongest earthquake in Samoa happened on 09/29/2009 in the Samoa Islands region with a magnitude of 8.1 on the Richter scale. The earthquake also triggered a tsunami, leading to further victims and destruction.
DateRegionDepthMagnitudeDeathsTotal damage
09/29/2009Samoa Islands10 km8.10
09/28/2006Samoa Islands9 km6.90
04/07/1995Apia; American Samoa (Pago Pago; Niue)56 km7.40
09/01/1981Apia; American Samoa (Pago Pago)31 km7.70
04/02/1977Apia22 km7.60
12/26/1975Samoa Islands38 km7.80
04/14/1957Samoa Islands 7.50

These statistics are based on datas from the National Geophysical Data Center / World Data Service (NGDC/WDS): Significant Earthquake Database. doi:10.7289/V5TD9V7K. Data have been summarized and translated.
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