Development of inflation rates in New Caledonia

The inflation rate for consumer prices in New Caledonia moved over the past 5 years between 0.2% and 2.4%. For 2016, an inflation rate of 0.6% was calculated.

During the observation period from 2011 to 2016, the average inflation rate was 1.4% per year. Overall, the price increase was 6.96 %. An item that cost 100 Franc in 2011 was so charged 106.96 Franc in the beginning of 2017.

As the price increases are consistently in the positive range, this means that goods and services in the country have become increasingly more expensive over the years. Overall, the price increases in New Caledonia are still nothing out of the ordinary.

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Performance over the last 5 years compared to the US

Performance based on 100% in 2010.Performance in New Caledonia

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Inflation calculator for New Caledonia

Enter any amount, an initial year and an end year here. You will then be issued with the amount that arose from the original amount after inflation. Example: 1000 Franc in 2011 corresponds to an amount of 1,069.60 Franc at the beginning of 2017 due to inflation.

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Development of inflation rates for consumer goods in New Caledonia

Performance in New Caledonia

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JahrNew CaledoniaØ USAØ World
20160.58 %1.26 %1.49 %
20150.57 %0.12 %1.43 %
20140.18 %1.62 %2.35 %
20131.28 %1.46 %2.61 %
20121.75 %2.07 %3.73 %
20112.43 %3.16 %4.82 %
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