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The biggest airports on the Marshall Islands

Further information is provided on the 24 biggest airports on the Marshall Islands. At Marshall Islands International Airport alone, 2 airlines operate and serve flights to and from 4 destinations.
The largest airports worldwide
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The biggest airports on the Marshall Islands

MAJMarshall Islands International AirportMajuro Atoll24
KWABucholz Army Air FieldKwajalein13
EJTEnejit AirportEnejit Island00
AIMAiluk AirportAiluk Island00
AULAur Island AirportAur Atoll00
BIIEnyu AirfieldBikini Atoll00
JEJJeh AirportAilinglapalap Atoll00
KBTKaben AirportKaben00
LIKLikiep AirportLikiep Island00
MAVMaloelap Island AirportMaloelap Island00
MJBMejit Atoll AirportMejit Atoll00
MJEMajkin AirportMajkin00
NDKNamorik Atoll AirportNamorik Atoll00
RNPRongelap Island AirportRongelap Island00
UITJaluit AirportJabor Jaluit Atoll00
WJAWoja AirportWoja00
WTEWotje Atoll AirportWotje Atoll00
WTOWotho Island AirportWotho Island00
UTKUtirik AirportUtirik Island00
MIJMili Island AirportMili Island00
ENTEniwetok AirportEniwetok Atoll00
UJEUjae Atoll AirportUjae Atoll00
KIOKili AirportKili Island00
AICAilinglaplap Airok AirportBigatyelang Island00

Freight volume

In 2020, a total of 84,844 ton-kilometers (= total mass transported in tons multiplied by kilometers traveled) of cargo was moved by air on the Marshall Islands.
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