List of newly industrialized countries

The term "newly industrialized country" refers to those states which, on the basis of their economic performance, can be classified as both developing and already partly industrialized countries.

Currently, 10 countries belong to this classification, most of which are located in southern and eastern Asia. The largest economies are currently China, India and Brazil. A total of 3.75 bn people live in these 10 countries, which corresponds to about 48.39 percent of the world population.
world map Newly industrialized countries
CountryPopulationGNI per capitaHuman Development IndexHuman Asset Index
Brazil212.6 M7,850 USD0.76595.9
China1,402.1 M10,610 USD0.76195.7
India1,380.0 M1,900 USD0.64574.3
Indonesia273.5 M3,870 USD0.71883.3
Malaysia32.4 M10,580 USD0.81089.5
Mexico128.9 M8,480 USD0.77994.9
Philippines109.6 M3,430 USD0.71884.3
South Africa59.3 M5,410 USD0.70986.2
Thailand69.8 M7,050 USD0.77794.0
Turkey84.3 M9,050 USD0.82097.1
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