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Polish is the official language in Poland and is spoken in 8 more countries as monther tongue by a part of the population.

With a share of around 98%, it is most widespread in Poland. A total of about 39 million people worldwide speak Polish as their mother tongue.
CountryRegionOfficial languageDistributionTotal
PolandEastern Europeyes97.6 %37,059,000
United StatesNorth Americano0.3 %969,000
CanadaNorth Americano0.7 %254,000
GermanyWestern Europeno0.3 %247,000
LithuaniaNorthern Europeno5.6 %161,000
Czech RepublicEastern Europeno0.6 %63,000
BelarusEastern Europeno0.6 %57,000
UkraineEastern Europeno0.1 %45,000
LatviaNorthern Europeno1.8 %35,000