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Italian is the official language in San Marino, Italy and Switzerland and is spoken in 13 more countries as monther tongue by a part of the population.

Italian is predominantly distributed in Southern Europe.
Country Region Official language Distribution Total
ItalySouthern Europeyes94.1 %57.05 M
United StatesNorth Americano0.6 %1.94 M
BrazilSouth Americano0.4 %831,000
ArgentinaSouth Americano1.7 %745,000
SwitzerlandWestern Europeyes8.3 %695,000
GermanyWestern Europeno0.7 %577,000
CanadaNorth Americano1.3 %471,000
AustraliaAustralia/New Zealandno1.4 %339,000
BelgiumWestern Europeno2.4 %272,000
FranceWestern Europeno0.4 %268,000
San MarinoSouthern Europeyes100.0 %33,000
LuxembourgWestern Europeno4.6 %27,000
SloveniaSouthern Europeno1.1 %23,000
CroatiaSouthern Europeno0.5 %21,000
MonacoWestern Europeno16.1 %6,000
LiechtensteinWestern Europeno1.1 %500