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Bambara speaking countries

Bambara is no official language in any country, but is spoken as a mother tongue in nine countries by a minor part of the population. The Bambara language (native name: bamanankan) has its roots in the Niger–Congo language family.

As a percentage of the total population, the largest share of around 46 percent is in Mali. A total of about 16.4 million people worldwide speak Bambara as their mother tongue.
Distribution Bambara

CountryRegionOfficial languageDistributionTotal
MaliWestern Africano46.3 %10,142,000
Ivory CoastWestern Africano8.4 %2,308,000
SenegalWestern Africano10.3 %1,738,000
Burkina FasoWestern Africano4.8 %1,061,000
GambiaWestern Africano21.1 %557,000
GuineaWestern Africano2.0 %271,000
Sierra LeoneWestern Africano1.6 %135,000
Guinea-BissauWestern Africano5.1 %105,000
LiberiaWestern Africano2.0 %104,000

Unless otherwise described in the text, this page is about native speakers — not the total number of speakers. How many people understand or speak Bambara as a subsequently learned language is not the subject of this page. Countries where native speakers make up only a few thousand, or even a few hundred people, or countries with a percentage well below 1% are unlikely to be listed here.