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The 30 largest airports and airlines in the United Kingdom

For the 30 biggest airports in the United Kingdom we provided further information. Alone at London Heathrow Airport operate 86 airlines to and from 171 destinations.

The biggest national airlines is British Airways out of a total of 29. It is leading the list with 200 flight destinations.

Transport + infrastructure in the United Kingdom
The largest airports worldwide

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The 30 biggest airports in the United Kingdom

Freight volume

In 2020, a total of 3.68 billion ton-kilometers of cargo was moved by air in the United Kingdom (= total mass transported in tons multiplied by kilometers traveled). London Heathrow Airport alone accounted for around 1.67 million metric tons.

The biggest airlines based in the United Kingdom

BABritish Airways200
GSAir Foyle92
VSVirgin Atlantic Airways79
ZBMonarch Airlines37
T3Eastern Airways17
GRAurigny Air Services10
JNExcel Airways6
KINKinloss Flying Training Unit1
NCFNorfolk County Flight College1
CANCrest Aviation1
ENZJota Aviation1
JRBJc royal.britannica1
VUEAD Aviation1
BMRBritish Midland Regional1
HBRHebradran Air Services1
CLJCello Aviation1
HWYHighland Airways1
XELExcel Charter1
WOWAir Southwest1
CUDAir Cudlua1
UAYUniversity of Birmingham Air Squadron (RAF)1

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