Volcano Sarychev in Russia

Volcanoes in Russia

With 12 volcanoes in Russia there have been a total of 18 significant eruptions over the past 1,800 years. The worst volcanic eruption in terms of deaths, destroyed houses and financial damages happened on 01/01/1872 with the eruption of "Sinarka".

Out of 77 volcanos in Russia, 61 are considered still active.

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Sheveluch volcano eruption

The Sheveluch volcano, which has erupted previously, remains active. Its summit lies at an altitude of 3,283 meters. Escaping lava, ash and gases have a massive impact on the surrounding areas and air traffic. At about 6:00 pm local time on Saturday, a warning was still in effect up to an altitude of 3,700 meters. Previously, ash clouds rose to an altitude of 4,000 meters. However, the Volcanic Ash Advisory Center (VAAC) in Tokyo currently assumes a decrease in volcanic activity.

Significant volcanic eruptions in Russia in the last 1800 years

Volcano Sarychev in RussiaThe following list shows all volcanic eruptions of the last 1,800 years with significant damage. The column "VEI" stands for the volcano explosivity index, which represents the strength of the eruption from a geological point of view. This takes into account the height and volume of the rocks ejected. The scale ranges from 0-8, with the severity of the eruption increasing tenfold with each value. For example, a VEI of 1 means that the volcano throws lava and rock masses of 100,000 to 1 million cubic meters up to 1 kilometer high. From VEI 8, a volcano is considered a super volcano. Here, more than 1,000 cubic kilometers of tephra are thrown to altitudes of more than 25 kilometers.

The highest explosivity index in Russia reached in the review period was VEI 6 in 0240. The volcano Ksudach threw tephramasses of at least 10 cubic kilometers over 25 kilometers high. Such an intensity is normally only achieved every 100 years.

EruptionVolcanoVEIDeathsTotal damage
11/13/1946Sarychev Peak40

All volcanoes in Russia

VolcanoElevationStatusLast eruption
Alaid2339 mActive04/27/1981
Anyuyskiy1050 mPotentially active
Atsonuripi1205 mActive
Avachinskiy2751 mActive
Baranskogo1126 mActive
Berga950 mActive
Berutarube1222 mSolfatara stage
Besym'anyy2800 mActive
Blizn. and Daln. Plo3943 mPotentially active
Bogdan Khmelnitskiy1540 mActive
Bol'shaya Udina2923 mPotentially active
Brat Chirpoyev752 mSolfatara stage
Burlyashchiy1000 mSolfatara stage
Caldera Ushishir401 mActive
Chernogo624 mActive
Chikurachki1817 mActive
Chirinkotan724 mActive
Chirip1564 mSolfatara stage
Dzenzurskiy2285 mActive
Ebeko1138 mActive
Ekarma1171 mActive
El'brus5633 mActive
Fussa1772 mActive
Gamchen2576 mSolfatara stage
Golovnina547 mActive
Gorelyy Khrebet1829 mActive
Goryashchaya Sopka891 mActive
Ichinskaya3631 mSolfatara stage
Il'inskiy1578 mActive
Indigirskiy993 mActive
Ivan Groznyy1158 mActive
Kambal'nyy2156 mSolfatara stage
Kamen'4575 mPotentially active
Karpinskogo1345 mActive
Karymskiy1486 mActive
Kazbek5047 mPotentially active
Kikhpinych1552 mSolfatara stage
Kizimen2485 mActive
Klyuchevskiy4850 mActive
Kolokol1330 mPotentially active
Komarova2070 mSolfatara stage
Koryakskiy3456 mActive
Kosheleva1812 mActive
Krasheninnikova1857 mSolfatara stage
Krenitsyna1325 mActive
Kronotskiy3528 mActive
Ksudach1079 mActive01/01/0240
Kudryavyy991 mActive
Kuntomintar828 mActive
Malyy Semyachik1571 mActive
Mendeleyeva890 mActive
Mutnovskiy2324 mActive
Nemo1019 mActive
Opala2475 mActive
Ostryy Tolbachik3682 mPotentially active
Palassa1002 mActive
Ploskiy Tolbachik3085 mActive
Prevo1360 mActive
Rasshua956 mActive
Raykoke551 mActive
Ruruy1486 mSolfatara stage
Sarycheva1497 mActive
Severgina1144 mActive
Shiveluch3395 mActive
Sinarka934 mActive01/01/1872
Snow400 mActive
Stokap1566 mPotentially active
Tatarinova1530 mSolfatara stage
Teben'kova1212 mSolfatara stage
Trezubets1017 mActive
Tsentralnyy Semyachi1100 mSolfatara stage
Tyatya1822 mActive
Uzon1617 mSolfatara stage
Vernadskogo1184 mSolfatara stage
Zavaritskogo624 mActive
Zheltovskiy1953 mActive
Zhupanovskiy2958 mActive

These statistics are based on datas from the Smithsonian Institution's Global Volcanism Program (GVP), and the Significant Volcanic Eruptions Database of the National Geophysical Data Center (NOAA) / World Data Service (NGDC/WDS) doi:10.7289/V5JW8BSH. Several data have been summarized and translated.
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