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The 30 largest airports and airlines in Norway

For the 30 biggest airports in Norway we provided further information. Alone at Oslo Gardermoen Airport operate 34 airlines to and from 104 destinations.

The biggest national airlines is Norwegian Air Shuttle out of a total of five. It is leading the list with 102 flight destinations.

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The 30 biggest airports in Norway

OSLOslo Gardermoen AirportOslo34104
SVGStavanger Airport SolaStavanger1937
BGOBergen Airport FleslandBergen1749
TRDTrondheim Airport VærnesTrondheim1031
TOSTromsø AirportTromsø520
BOOBodø AirportBodø315
TRFSandefjord Airport, TorpTorp830
AESÅlesund AirportÅlesund710
KRSKristiansand AirportKjevik68
HAUHaugesund AirportKarmøy510
EVEHarstad/Narvik Airport, EvenesEvenes47
MOLMolde AirportÅrø46
KSUKristiansund Airport (Kvernberget)Kvernberget36
KKNKirkenes Airport (Høybuktmoen)Kirkenes36
ALFAlta AirportAlta37
LYRSvalbard Airport, LongyearLongyearbyen22
BJFBåtsfjord AirportBåtsfjord15
BVGBerlevåg AirportBerlevåg14
BDUBardufoss AirportMålselv11
VDBLeirin Airport11
FROFlorø AirportFlorø15
HFTHammerfest AirportHammerfest17
HVGValan AirportHonningsvåg13
LKNLeknes AirportLeknes13
MEHMehamn AirportMehamn15
MJFMosjøen Airport (Kjærstad)15
LKLBanak AirportLakselv11
NVKNarvik Framnes AirportNarvik11
OLAØrland AirportØrland11
HOVØrsta-Volda Airport, HovdenØrsta14

Freight volume

In 2020, a total of 304.42 million ton-kilometers of cargo was moved by air in Norway (= total mass transported in tons multiplied by kilometers traveled).

The biggest airlines based in Norway

DYNorwegian Air Shuttle102
TFNNorwegian Aviation College1
IBKNorwegian Air International (D8)1
CNOSAS Braathens1

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