Airports and airlines in Ireland

For the 7 biggest airports in Ireland we provided further information. Alone at Dublin Airport operate 28 airlines to and from 144 destinations.

The biggest national airlines is Ryanair out of a total of 5. It is leading the list with 176 flight destinations.

Transport + infrastructure in Ireland
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The 7 biggest airports in Ireland

DUBDublin AirportDublin28144
SNNShannon AirportLimerick426
NOCIreland West Knock AirportCharleston315
ORKCork AirportCork230
KIRKerry AirportKillarney26
CFNDonegal AirportDonegal12
WATWaterford AirportWaterford12

The biggest airlines based in Ireland

EIShamrock (Aer Lingus)83
WXCity-ireland (CityJet)16
SIBluejet (Skynet Airlines)9
TLATranslift (Translift Airways)1