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The 30 largest airports and airlines in Greece

For the 30 biggest airports in Greece we provided further information. Alone at Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport operate 52 airlines to and from 104 destinations.

The biggest national airlines is Aegean Airlines out of a total of 7. It is leading the list with 78 flight destinations.

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The 30 biggest airports in Greece

ATHEleftherios Venizelos International AirportAthens52104
HERHeraklion International Nikos Kazantzakis AirportHeraklion2959
RHODiagoras AirportRodes Island2547
SKGThessaloniki Macedonia International AirportThessaloniki2554
CFUIoannis Kapodistrias International AirportKerkyra Island1637
KGSKos AirportKos Island1328
JTRSantorini AirportSantorini Island1310
CHQChania International AirportSouda1237
ZTHZakynthos International Airport "Dionysios Solomos"Zakynthos Island1212
JMKMikonos AirportMykonos Island109
KLXKalamata AirportKalamata87
EFLKefallinia AirportKefallinia Island65
PVKAktion National AirportPreveza/Lefkada69
SMISamos AirportSamos Island67
JKHChios Island National AirportChios Island54
MJTMytilene International AirportMytilene58
KITKithira AirportKithira Island43
KVAAlexander the Great International AirportKavala45
JSHSitia AirportCrete Island44
AXDDimokritos AirportAlexandroupolis32
JIKIkaria AirportIkaria Island32
LXSLimnos AirportLimnos Island34
SKUSkiros AirportSkiros Island32
IOAIoannina AirportIoannina21
KZSKastelorizo AirportKastelorizo Island21
AOKKarpathos AirportKarpathos Island23
KSJKasos AirportKasos Island22
JKLKalymnos AirportKalymnos Island23
LRSLeros AirportLeros Island23
MLOMilos AirportMilos Island21

Freight volume

In 2020, a total of 10.10 million ton-kilometers of cargo was moved by air in Greece (= total mass transported in tons multiplied by kilometers traveled).

The biggest airlines based in Greece

A3Aegean (Aegean Airlines)78
G3Air Crete (Sky Express)68
OAOlympic (Olympic Airlines)47
KYKsy (KSY)22
VQDelphi (Viking Hellas)5
BBGBluebird Airways (BZ)1
HRMHermes (Hermes Airlines)1

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